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Heart Back on the Market - Need advice

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Hi All!


So I am recently separated and back on the market at 30 :nope02716: I have a girls trip coming up in Vegas/LA and I plan to go out to some bars and clubs etc and would really like to feel better about being single again.

I am looking for recommendations on some good blends that will gain me a lot of attention and invite guys to come up and chat/flirt. Maybe hold a conversation. I would love to feel like all eyes on are on me. Since it's been awhile. Something that will help me feel young, beautiful and ready to meet some new people.


Also, would you recommend Phero enhanced fragrance or unscented pheros? Or adding the pheromones directly to a bottle of fragrance? And where should I apply for best results?


I’m excited to start this new journey. Thanks in advance for the help!

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If you're new to pheros, I'd suggest the phero enhanced fragrances first. It's one stop shopping! you don't have to worry about picking a scent thhat will cover the sometimes pungent unscented pheros. I would suggest the Cougar potion (which was actually my first purchase here!) Don't let the name fool you. It doesn't necessarily attract younger guys. the phero is a sexy-social blend that has a sparkly, glamorous social vibe with a hint of sexiness. Perfect for a night out! The scent contains grapefruit, which is said to make the wearer appear glamorous, so the fragrance is in synch with the phero. Something with La Femme Mystere or Gotcha might be nice too, though I'm blanking what scents in the catalogue currently might contain them.

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God.. I thought someone was waiting for an actual heart. Well that just goes to show you things could be way worse. :)


I'd go with a feminine upbeat social. Maybe Heart & Soul or a social, fun sexy like Super Sexy for women. Best of all those both come in fragrances. H & S in LP Flutterby or SS4W in Sneaky Clean. Just remember to have fun. You don't need to drag your heart out yet. lol

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So I'm late to this party thread, but def agree with what everyone has said.


Bang!, LFM, Cougar, LFN are great picks and all of those blends are pretty versatile IMO. I'm also a fan of LAM, which you can get in UN right now in a mini size for a limited time. Of course the ones with cops you'll just want to be more careful with. Prior to the trip, I recommend self-testing to see what you feel most comfortable with. But I could see these 4 being awesome picks for a trip and getting your own groove back.


I always recommend starting with samples (that's what I did and still do), to see what works both scent and phero-wise. You can try so much more that way. And like BB said, scented pheros take a lot of the guesswork out trying to figure out how much phero to wear with what scent, etc. Helps you find your sweet spot faster, I think anyhow.


Welcome and have fun!!!


And I really appreciate that LP doesn't charge more for samples - i.e. I think a sample is like 1/5 of a FB, so if you can't buy a FB of something now, you can get 3 samples and it's (3/5) of a FB. I've always disliked stores that have a higher price point on samples to try to not to gently nudge you into a full size. Luna - correct me if I'm wrong on that but I think I heard that about the sample size vs. FB size when I first joined LP.

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I'd say scented Cougar all the way......it is fresh and fun, and sparkly.......it draws people to you and keeps them there.

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