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Dosage, Medium and Application Recs

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I recently asked for blend recommendations but I am also struggling with how much, how and where. I apologize for being so confused. While I LOVE the availability of so many options, I am a little lost as well. I would appreciate some advice based on others experiences. Or please point me to a good place to look. I've been searching other posts and faq's but not finding exactly what I am looking for.


What is the best dosage and medium for the different types of applications for a beginner? I've tried using a couple samples and I am not sure I am using enough because I am not noticing any affects to myself or others. I really want them to be effective but I may be adding too cautiously because I am afraid to OD or cause negative results. I've heard of it happening. I am looking to wear some blends in the day at work and then others to go out at night and feel wanted and meet new people.


I've read some of the instructions and saw the instructions to "Roll your oils from your belly button to your cleavage 2 or 3 times" but is this for non phero/non cop scents or is this the recommended application for everything?


Dosage and locations for Phero Enhanced?

LP Sample Oil - Phero Enhanced Frag (1.5 ml)

LP Perfume Oil - Phero Enhanced Frag (1/3 fl oz)

LP Perfume Spray - Phero Enhanced Frag (1 fl oz)


For unscented Pheros, what size/strength to start with?

1/3 fl oz roll-on

1 fl oz 1x spray

1 fl oz 2x spray

1 fl oz 3x spray


Recommended medium to begin with (for day use and others for going out to meet people) and how much to apply and where?

LP 100 alch spray

LP 90/10 alch - oil spray

LP alch - Oil 60/40 spray

LP alch - Sil 60/40 spray

LP Silicon Roll-on

LP Oil Roll-on


Thanks for your help! I plan to keep experimenting but I would love a good place to start.


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Alas, every person's dosage is different, so there is no hard and fast rule that anyone is willing to provide.....here is all I can say.....if you see no reactions at your current dosage, then increase it a bit.


With socials in spay, I would always suggest to start at 1X for a spray, and always start with one or two sprays.....usually to upper body or hair where they will diffuse....


With sexual blends, go with oil.....start with a little bit at first....your target will largely determine how much you use......phero-enhanced fragrances.....if it smells too strong, you have probably applied too much!


Note that not everyone feels self-effects.....so you may not get selfies, but you will see reactions in others....and not all hits are blatant, they may be minor, so sometimes you have to be very observant to see them.

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