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Hello out there in LPMP Land!


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I'm another newbie/addict who has fallen in love with this site and all it has to offer! It started when my brother-in-law wore Pashazade (as I later found out from my sis-in-law, who is another LPMP addict). It smelled heavenly! I placed an order soon thereafter. Adding fuel to the fire, she let me try her samples. I feel like a kid in a candy store. LOL!


I decided I wanted to order a couple of trial sizes based on description alone, just for fun. I love the honeysuckle in my back yard, so I have Hummingbird Nectar on the way. In addition, I liked the sound of Anthea. I'm overwhelmed at all the choices!


Here's the rest of my order (all trial sizes - for now. ;) )


Best Selling Women's Collection

Spell 2015: Harmonious Self

Spell 2015: Determination Potion (w/ Mega Watt)


Very excited! I've really enjoyed all the informative posts here. Looking forward to starting my own stash. Thanks to Mara for adding me to the forum! Nice to meet everyone. :D *waving*

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Oh, forgot to mention...my favorites from my sister-in-law's samples are:


That Kind of Girl

Naughty Nurse

Heart of Fire

A Taste for Luxury



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We're sure you'll love it here!
Great picks! :Emoticons0424:
And so....it begins... :lol:

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