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Introduction and a question


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I'm very happy to have discovered LPMP and look forward to wearing their products.


I admit to being daunted at first by the many choices here, but with your and Customer Service Heather's help, have settled on what will be my first purchase: SS4M silicone with an added fragrance, either Eternal Sunshine or Sandy Bottom. I asked Heather for a scent that is cool and crisp and not too in your face.


I will be ordering some trial sizes as well. I'm looking for a mens fragrance w/pheros that includes copulins. I did a search in the forums but the results are coming up too generalized (or not at all when I try to be specific) so I would appreciate your input.


As I intend to order a couple more trial sizes, I turn to the experienced users here who can suggest some scented pheromones that will give me a more rounded LP experience.


I'm 45 years of age, single and, due to my work, will be meeting many vacating women this summer!


Thank You!



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Welcome, Sylvian.. Glad you're joining us! I think that's a great choice, I love Eternal Sunshine, and Sandy Bottom is great too.


For phero enhanced fragrances for men with cops, look for ones with Dirty Old Man or Heart Throb.

Dirty Old Man comes in the UN and in a fragrance with the same name (not saying you're dirty, or old, by the way!)

Pashazade has Heart Throb

They both smell really good.


I think Open Windows is a great all around phero, maybe try Lightning in a Bottle or Totem Panda as well.

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Welcome to the forum. Totally not my area of knowledge, like not even slightly. Perhaps some day soon that will change. ;)


Good luck and its hard to go wrong here.

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Definitely get Dark Desires.....it has Heart Throb and the scent is sexy as hell......Lightning in a bottle is really nice too......my man really likes Mean Business for work, which has Swimming with Sharks in it

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Hi & Welcome. Your timing is great. There are quite a few phero enhanced men's scents available and you can get those in trial sized to test the pheros in addition to the fragrances.

I really like the scent of Blue (enhanced with Super Sexy For Men). You might also want to get a trial of LP #9, for the scent. You might like that for the summer. If you like the scent you could always get it enhanced with your preferred phero. Make sure you try a feel good social phero like "Open Windows" in addition to the more intimacy oriented types for more diversity.

Look forward to your reviews.. happy experimenting.

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I second Dark Desires!

I LOVE it on my guy and it's one of his favorites :)


I'm sure you'll have LOTS of fun experimenting! ^_~

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Welcome to the forum.


If you want a clean, fresh scent then Eternal Sunshine is a good one. I have worn that after a work out and my wife has commented how clean I smelled haha.


If you want something very evocative of summer, on the water, at the beach - then Sandy Bottom is perfect.


Try a sample of each and see what you think.


I would recommend not mixing the SS4M in the scents. For a couple reasons.


First, SS4M is a sex mix. Not an in your face sex mix, but a sex mix all the same. You do not need to run around in a sex mix all the time.


If you are going to be working and meeting women, I recommend the following:


Pheromones: a bottle of Charisma and a bottle of SS4M. Then go with the cologne scent you like the best.


I would run with the Charisma by day, SS4M by night. Or use the Charisma most days and then come in one day - or add in if the lady in the area is right - the SS4M.


Blue for Men & Kingmaker are also great scents IMO.

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Welcome Sylvian! As one of the many, many females who populate this board I can't say I have much experience with men's pheros, but I've certainly tried and own many unisex scents. I have the type of skin that brings out sweeter elements most of the time and makes them lean towards feminine, so it works out for me. I was actually wearing Sandy Bottom yesterday and it was all beach, all the time. Anybody could pull it off regardless of gender. Also have to agree with QG on Blue. While I can't wear it myself, as soon as I find a boyfriend I'm going to do whatever I can to convince him into wearing it, I'll say that much!

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Just wanted to say hi and welcome Sylvian. I think it will be nice to have an additional guy on the forum. I like the unisex scents they make here. I haven't tried Sandy Bottom, but it's on my list to try. I have tried a sniffie of Eternal Sunshine and really liked it. I haven't been able to get my husband to really try anything. It's not his thing, but I make him smell me all the time! One time as a joke he picked out a random bottle and put it on. He came downstairs and asked me to smell him and I said "Is that Risen?", a unisex scent. He was surprised I could identify it just by smelling it. I was surprised he had "randomly" picked a unisex one and I noticed it smelled even better on him than me. I'll bet the male scents are just as delicious as everything I've been buying for myself. Once you start figuring out the notes you like, you'll want to try them all! Good luck with the ladies!

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