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Forum Rules update - please read


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Given recent developments, Mara and I have discussed updating the rules to make it clear to all members where we stand on certain types of content.


It appears there is confusion regarding sexually-explicit content as it pertains to Rule 3. Thus I have clarified the policy in the hopes that this will no longer be an issue for anyone.


Rule #3: Pornography, overt obscenity and extreme adult content are not allowed. We've found that people as young as 13 years of age read our boards, so if you could moderate your responses to be mindful of the wide age range here, that would be appreciated. FYI: The journal areas can be seen by logged-in members only. The reviews areas, etc can be seen by the world. Sexually-explicit discussion and extreme profanity is allowable in the Journal subforum but not in the Public areas. You must tag any such discussion as explicit content so those who do not care to read such content can avoid it. Please be respectful of others.


The journals are a semi-private space, but ultimately they are not your personal property, so please remember to act in accordance with the forum rules.


It is also germane to remind members of Rule 4.


Rule #4: Religious and racial tolerance is a MUST. Please be respectful of others.


If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at wickedquim@gmail.com.


I'll sum this up with the closing statement of the rules:

In closing, please remember, you are an invited guest at a private party. It may be internet fashionable to act nasty under cover of anonymity, sitting alone in the dark in front of your computer, but that's not the way we view it here. We expect everyone here - EVERYONE - to take personal responsibility for their actions and be accountable for what they say and what they do. Please conduct yourself accordingly. Thank you!

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