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Sun Catcher


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I love this one! Sun Catcher starts out with the tang of citrus, and the notes blend together so that no one fruit comes forward. After about an hour, a soft greenness comes emerges . . . there's a creaminess to it, with hints of a fresh-out-of-the-shower soapy essence. It has a very bright feeling, and I think it will be an excellent fragrance for those hot, humid summer days. This one definitely goes on the full-bottle wish list!



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This is a very light and happy scent for sure, so if you want a blend with those qualities this would be a good choice. I agree with stkatz' review in that there's no one note which dominates the mix. For me, actually, the florals were the most prominent elements I could sense, within a sort of "bright" aura of the citrus, in the wet stage and application. I get just a hint of lemon in the very top. In the drydown, the musk lends a clean soapy quality. The scent has very good sillage for a couple hours, I'd say.


I wish the citrus was more prominent for me...I'm hoping with some aging it might evolve that way. But I shook it up, and that helped a little.

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This one really is like sunshine in a bottle. I expected this to be very citrusy and it is not. The citrus is there in the background, like someone peeling citrus in the next room. More a hint of lemon than the other two. What the citrus really does is brighten up the florals. It is very clean and refreshing!

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