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Nyree's Passionate

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So glad I got a bottle of this unusual and very pretty PE LP. Nice composition on this, Mara and Nyree. I think Iris is underutilized in modern perfumery and that is much to my chagrin. This is the only one of the three PE s in my order that I have tried. As promised, the lovely Iris IS the star of this show. Soft, powdery, with the ever so slight metallic type hint that I always get from Iris. Once the top note fades only slightly, what I get is a light Musk which complements the Iris perfectly. I know that the patch is in there only because of the description, but otherwise, I swear I would have no idea! The white Amber is merely a whisper, but I do believe it is this which gifts this PE with its remarkable longevity. I say remarkable, because Iris is by nature, quite soft and also because there is an extremely sheer air to this perfume. Sheer in the same way that the Sugareds are sheer. I do wish it were a bit less sheer and more concentrated in order to make itself more known. BUT, as I have already said, it lasts remarkably long, especially for such a sheer, soft perfume. And that is how I read the vibe of Nyree's Passionate. I would describe it as a soft, sheer, exotic scent. I realize that most people equate exotic scents with dark essences, but to me, this is that elusive and rare light exotic. I am very curious to see what this beauty will reveal of itself upon aging a bit!

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Oh my I LOVE this :heart:


When I see the words "Nubian musk" I normally want to try the scent. On my skin NM is a softer, mildly spiced, skin type Egyptian Musk. I like EM. But Nubian is softer, warmer and a little less soapy on my.


This scent is a warm soft skin scent on me.

It reminds me of using a fine triple milled French soap. The high quality expensive type made with real EO's. It's the way my skin would smell after a glorious bath with the finest Iris soap.

Huffing my arm I get just a trace of warm dewy skin. There's a faint clean' ish, very sheer soap scent with added warmth and a touch of the exotic.

This scent is fresh but in a soft musky way. It's romantic and very seductive.


I'm going to have to restrain myself to preserve my one precious bottle. This is so beautiful. I think it would be a fast seller in the main catalogue.


Very nice Nyree & Mara :purr:

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