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OK! :)




My teetering towers of scrubs contain the following:


Superfine Butter Scrub in Vanilla Caramel

Peppermint Sugar Scrub with natural peppermint menthol crystals

Margarita Sugar Scrub

Seaweed & Sugar Scrub - smells like Mermaids

Dead Sea Mud Scrub - smells like Hobbits

Dead Sea Salt Scrub in Cherry Marshmallow

Coffee & Sugar Scrub - Red Wine and Chocolate scented

Tingly Salt Scrub in Grapefruit & Peppermint


I'll be back later to list the soaps... :D

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Fresh Vegan Glycerin Soaps!

6+ ounce bars for $6.50 each.

Here's what we made...

Lavender Herb - Clear Glycerin Soap

Tingly Herbal - Clear Aloe Soap (naturally deodorizing)

Betrothal Potion - Clear Aloe Soap - I promised!

Vampiric Infusion - Creamy Goats Milk Soap

Amber Patchouli - Creamy Cocoa Butter Soap

Mermaid Seaweed Soap - Creamy Cocoa Butter Soap (for Mermaids only)

Cocoa Butter & Honey - Creamy Cocoa Butter Soap

Love Potion Original. - - Clear Glycerin Soap

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Thanks for making the Betrothal soap, I'll take a few of those, also a question about the scrubs, can they be refrigerated if I don't plan on using them right away?


Yes, they can. And it's actually ok to leave them out too - it's only after they are opened that the clock starts ticking, and that's because of water getting in them in the shower.

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Ok great, should I send an invoice request to John for a 4 pack of Betrothal, 1 Peppermint scrub and 1 Cherry Marshmallow?


Hi Cherise - this is Mara on John's computer today, just sent you an invoice. thanks, honey! xoxoxox

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