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help me pick a phero to take on my trip

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So, I'm packing for a week long music retreat. I will be spending an entire week with a fairly small group of people (I have never met any of them in person), all music instructors or students. We will have private lessons, small ensemble group lessons, informal jam sessions, lectures, meals together. (fyi I'm one of the students)


My intents are not so much to draw social attraction to me but to foster communication, forge lasting friendships and collaborations, and enhance everyone's overall goal of studying the music that will be taught and shared.


I'd like to take just one or two phero boosted or enhanced scents. I will be checking a bag with my cosmetics so I should be fine with a bottle. I'm considering the scent as well as the phero blend in terms of being congruent with my intent. My choices are:


top picks:


TMI (scented)

Une boosted with Heart and soul

Empathy potion lightly scented with sugared honeycomb


I'm leaning towards synchronicity and the empathy potion. Or heck, maybe I'll take them all.


Any input?



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Empathy Potion has been a bit too much for me, as in too in my personal space, but I like Heart and Soul. No experience with Synchronicity.

So, I'd go with H&S. But if you can handle Empathy potion and you've had good responses from others from it, I'd say go for it. I usually feel overwhelmed and drained when wearing Empathy Potion. Almost like I'm taking on other people's emotional baggage, in some way. I guess I need to learn to protect myself before wearing it again.

I look forward to reading other members' suggestions.

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I would definitely take the synch and TMI. Let me tell you what happened while I was beta testing Empathy Potion. I went to my daughter's music day at her class. She wasn't even performing but a lot of kids did and even a few parents from the Music School at IU. I cried during almost every single number. Three hours of quietly crying, pulling myself together, then crying again. I was just TOO open to all the music and the experience. This could sound like a good thing to you, so if it is take EP for sure. It will open you up and the music will move you in a big dramatic way. For me it was tiresome. I hate crying in public because I don't like attention in general. Just thought I'd share. For the sake of reference it was 2x strength in spray. I used a few sprays out of a sample spray. Maybe three. I'd have to go back to the thread to check. But those sprays out of a tester bottle are no more than half a spray from a normal bottle.

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