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The scent of vagina...

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Look homie. No one is shaming the vagina here. We love them. We are a forum of mostly women. A quick cruise through many of the threads will show we talk about them quite often, probably more than our male friends here care to hear.


As I and others have stated, this is first and foremost a perfume forum, and most of us enjoy smelling like the wonderful things that LPMP creates. However, as we said, there are also scents here that smell like sex and some that do smell like vagina. And there is the option to create a scent t smell just like yours if you desire.

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Nobody acknowledging the points I make or providing the evidence I ask for... Do I say "you're not listening and btw I think you're a man"? Of course not. That would be cray cray.


No worries, I get it. You've all dug your heels in so deep on this one, you can't admit that maybe you overreacted just a tad. That would be WAY too much pride to swallow.


I'm not looking for an apology, I just hope that the next time a new member makes a few posts, you don't jump down their throat. If you don't like what they're saying, don't participate in the discussion.




But "negative" and "toxic" aren't really accurate descriptions of this community


Negative and toxic are accurate IMPRESSIONS people will get when they see childish name calling like this. Better to just delete this thread and set the women's liberation movement back a few years. Like I said, nobody will ever dare touch this subject again on these forums.



plural noun: forums


a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. And people are called dudes for no logical reason.

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When have I "not listened"? Example please? We agree on almost everything, when have I disputed anything anyone said?






When have I "dissed EoW"? Example please? Saying maybe it would be nice to have variations is hardly "dissing it".


And as for not posting a 'introduction' thread/building my reputation first... what does that have to do with ANYTHING? This topic isn't about me (or anyone), it's about a severely under discussed topic, and somehow it got turned into a personal hazing. If you felt the barely 8 posts I made were "going in circles" (don't see how that's possible, but ok), then let me go in circles.


Look, the personal attacks don't bother me (this is the interwebs, it's what people do). What bothers me is that this thread will soon be locked, and nobody will DARE mention this topic again. Also, people will think twice about joining the community period, when they see how negative and toxic it can be.


Pro tip for new users - Repeatedly brag about having sex in clubs, and/or use a picture of a dude for your profile. Then people will DEFINITELY think you're a legit lady.


*watches thread get locked* Settle in for another 15 years of silence, floral scents, and vaginal shaming.

Waaaa waaaa cue the violins. If you think we're all "meanies" and don't understand you, then why are you here? We love our community- and a random person who is trolling for attention is kinda getting boring.

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