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Phero enhanced soap or linen sprays?

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Sorry if this has been covered somewhere, I simply couldn't find it in searching, if a thread exists please point me to it.


Is it possible to make soap with pheros or perhaps linen sprays? How much to use in such products? Is there a member who already makes such items?

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I dunno about soap, but Mara has Phero enhanced bath bubbles at her shop, which you can buy and have shipped to you. Look at the store merchandise thread. As far as linen spray, there are Phero scent perfume sprays, so I don't see why not. You could buy one and use it as is (damn expensive linen spray though!), or further dilute it with an alcohol carrier of some sort.

Also, there's Phero enhanced wax melts for oil warmers that Mara already makes. They are on etsy and artfire, I think. They smell amazing!! Good luck!


PS: she makes a Phero enhanced body cream too!

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