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New Releases for OCTOBER 2015! Booo!

Potion Master

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Wear your cat ears for this one, it's a Halloween Party!







Autumn Rain



Bewitching Hour - w/ EoW Copulins



Blue Smoke



Candy House



Flying Potion 2015 - w/ Levitation Potion












Supernatural w/ Aja



Titian Sweet


Blood Red Bubble Bath - heee!

When you soak yourself in the scents of raspberry and exotic musks, you become extra tasty to vampires. It's a fact.




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Fabulous!!!! Can't wait to see the notes!!!! :D of course Candy House has peeked my interest, but I'm looking forward to trying all of them because one thing I have learned since being here is not to pre-judge!!!



...and of course I am so excited to try the newest Flying Potion! Last year's was a bit different from the other years I've tried and at first I wasn't sure I liked it, but now I'm in love with it, so bring on 2015's! :)

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:love-you: Those are some sweet labels. Based on label & name alone; I'm very interested in Infusion.

I think I will be waiting to place orders until after our move, though. Don't want to add to the line up already at risk in the shuffle, lol.

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Ooooo! Beautiful! I'm super interested in the Blue Smoke one especially! Hauntings too...:) Whoooop

Ooo...Autumn Rain too! The Weenies look very Unique this year!

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What QG said! Those labels are really cool! I love the artwork.

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Awesome labels!!! Can't wait to read what the notes are!


May i say how much I'd love to jump on a plane and come to the party??? I live a bit to far (Greece) and don't have the for it but yeah ... I'd jump on a plane in a heart beat! If / when i ever manage to visit the US, visiting you guys will be on top fo my list for sure :)

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I would hang the Autumn Rain artwork on my wall! I can't wait to find out the scent notes.

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Loving those labels. That bubble bath looks amazing. Some very intriguing names.

I can't wait to see all the notes.

A sampler seems like a must. :purr:

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