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Jamie's Starry Night


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Jamie's Starry Night

Jamie commissioned a blend to wear for her winter nighttime wedding! She wanted something sparkling and rosy, so I blended 3 rose varieties (red rose otto, baby pink sweetheart and a fresh cut variety) with marshmallow fluff, sparkling sugar, a non-foody powdery vanilla, white amber and a drop of Egyptian musk. Soft and beautiful, definitely a show stopper.

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I hope I’m not stepping on Jamie’s toes by posting this (and I apologize for the formatting, I’m at work – if an admin wants to fix the first post, feel free.)

So wet, the fresh rose and sparkly sugar comes through, it almost feels like a white musk. After it dries down a bit, the vanilla, marshmallow, and amber really smooth it out and it becomes just this gorgeous rose musk. To me, it feels like a rose Musk in the Pixie Dust. I am slathered with it today and I feel PRETTY! So pretty!...

If I were to wear a phero with it, it would probably be LFM. Or SS4W.

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Bella's review pushed me over the edge and I grabbed a bottle of this from Etsy -- I had been resisting because while I adore rose under some circumstances, I somehow thought the ingredients would make it more "perfume-y" than I care for, and also sweeter/more sugary than I care for, and also since the whole thing was based around weddings and bridal-ness, while I thought that a genius idea to incorporate into one's nuptials (what more powerful blessing than to add some of Mara's magic!), it's very much not where I am right now. So I thought it was safe to pass.


But! Then Bella went and reviewed it and I got itchy enough to want to snatch a bunch of that month's PEs off of Etsy and I'm so glad I did. This is so amazing! On me, I really get the full range of rose-ness, so it's not just the light young pinky rose but all the shades. The amber/musk/vanilla/marshmallow makes it so soft and sheer that there's no threat of headache-iness, but while it's light and celebratory it does not feel too youthful for me, nor is it overly sweet. It's just a soft heavenly silky rose petal confection. The name is perfect too -- I was watching TV the other night and saw a show that featured a bride wearing a supposedly one and half million dollar veil studded with tiny diamonds. This feels like that! Soft and shimmery and very, very valuable! :-)


It feels as if it would pair beautifully with Perfect Match, or if you were feeling a little more adventurous, Gotcha. It's absolutely stunning! Boy, that month was a knockout for PEs!

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Heaven. Why did I wait so long to order this??? I don't like Egyptian musk, and, similar to blackcat, something about just the combination of the notes on paper sounded to me as though they might combine to be pointy. It's the opposite. It's silky, pillowy, powdery, creamy, twinkling.


It somehow evokes all the sweetness and intensity of roses, but they don't take over the planet the way roses sometimes can (eg, in Nosfy, where the rose expands like The Blob until it has crowded everything else out of the room; I LIKE that, but this blend doesn't do that). It is smoothly mixed into the whole.


It has a "breath of fresh cold air" feeling, as though you're in a sleigh under piles of ermine blankets, crossing a meadow silenced by piles of snowdrifts, under a million stars. Sigh. I checked assuming there must be a drop of peppermint but nope, it's just Mara-magick.


Its cousins are things like Mel's creamy iris and Molly's blue magnolia.


Thanks reviewers for convincing me! I'd have been very sorry to miss this one.

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