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Lina's I Heart Halloween


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Lina's I :heart: Halloween

Lina asked for: "Totally foodie- pumpkin cupcake style. Pumpkin, cream cheese frosting, walnut and brown sugar "

I started with buttery pumpkin notes as Lina suggested in her email to me, blended with a few diff kinds of cream cheese and buttercream frosting oils, brown sugar, and drops of walnut and pecan. Super sweet and buttery, like fresh out of the oven!


This smells so good! It really does smell like it's fresh out of the oven. And it won't be limited to Halloween- it's totally and completely Fall-Time appropriate.

It's not as sweet as I thought it would be- but that's fine! I think it's perfect the way it turned out. Smelling this, I can picture perfectly spiced, hot pumpkin bread with melted butter. I'm not getting much cream cheese action here. It's very bready and spiced pumpkin with a hint of the nuts:) It almost bordered on smelling like gingerbread. Love, love, love!

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Yay! You got it!!! How exciting! This sounds marvelous. I wanted one, but I was afraid it would go maple-y on me. My skin does horrible with that and turns it very sharp and sour. Does the brown sugar lean toward the maple side in this one?

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