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New Releases for NOVEMBER 2015! Pheromas!

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For the Ladies



Aliya w/ Audacious

Aliya means Highborn



Rosalynd w/ Open Windows

Rosalynd means Pretty Rose



Saisha w/ Bang!

Saisha means “with great desire and wish”.



NOX w/ Teddy BB



Phero-Charged Money Potion w/ Swimming with Sharks



Leilani w/ Lumina

Leilani means Heavenly Flower



Sensual Harmony w/ La Femme Mystere

Permanent Collection



Balm Bomb – Scented

Permanent Collection



Bosom Bows w/ Girl Girl

Permanent Collection



Dominance - Scented

Permanent Collection



For the Gents


There are 6 new scents for men this month. Guys will have the option to purchase only these 6 for the discounted set price of $18.00, or you may fill in with 4 more of any of our current phero-enhanced scents of your choice for the collection price of $29.95.




Alaric w/ Wanted Man

Alaric means All Powerful Ruler



Corwin w/ Open Windows

Corwin means Friend of the Heart



Edmund w/ Swimming with Sharks

Edmund means Wealthy Protector

Made for men but gals may like this one too!



Dylan w/ Perfect Match

Dylan means Son of the Seas

Made for men but gals may like this one too!



Leopold w/ Charisma

Leopold means Brave People



Xavier w/ Super Sexy for Men

Xavier means Bright


These will be up and orderable early next week, and PEs shortly after that.

Thanks and have fun! :)

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Ahhh!!! What an awesome good morning!!!!!! Can't wait to try the new permanent scents!!! And and and everything else!! Can't wait to read Luna's stories on some of those names. Labels=always such a surprise!

So glad to try Audacious again. I tried it when it first came out in Pheroma sampler size but was overwhelmed at the time and couldn't appreciate it.

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Merry Christmas & Good Morning!


Nice. SH w/LFM "permanent" that's what I'm talking about!


So the "scented" Dom and others, that's based on the idea in that thread awhile back?

Dying to know what you choose for Dom. A permanent appearance of the Bosom Bows scent too, really nice. :heart:


ALYIA W/Audacious, I'm sold on a FB already.

MDC.. you must play Audaciously :D

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Gorgeous labels, and the names are great! Dying to know if the scented Dom is like the original scented version!

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These look fantastic and NOX! YAY!

That's where I went all :cat690: I have been wanting some Nox. I have also been wanting to try audacious and I love Dom. The labels are very classic and pretty. Can't wait for the descriptions!

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Amazing!!! Love the labels Mara....so elegant!!!! Can't wait to try them all....so happy to see a potion with Audacious (one of my all time fav pheros!!)....have to get a women's and a men's sampler....ahhhhh, something to dream about this weekend!!!!! :love-you:

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Can't find a thread for Nox!!!


here is one for NOX 2009... http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3342


original NOX... http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=275

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Mara - I love the labels and the name theme. Could that possibly be the often talked about Nox with a pheromone addition??? Also, is Sensual Harmony the one I’ve seen on Etsy (on my list) with an additional pheromone? I am also glad to see permanent additions. And I really was set on just buying a full bottle set this time around. My wallet thanks you for being able to settle for just a sampler at the moment. That makes room for other full bottles! Am looking forward to sampling Nox and Teddy BB. Also looking forward to Money Potion. And, of course, anxious to smell the scented pheromone versions. The scents are always such a good match to their pheromone counterparts!

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I'm dying to know the scent of Mara's Domination. Am I reading to much into that pink label? Is it similliar to Phero Girl Dominance?


Am I actually going to be able to finish off my 1/2 trial that's left?

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I also keep reading Saisha with Bang! as She bangs! She bangs!

and you know that's just going to be a luscious foodie :)

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Who is going to the store tonight that can scout out the scents? Someone has to be going!!!


I guess the advantage when the store folks can buy today is that we'll know about notes this weekend (if they hopefully share) vs. waiting until Monday.

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Scented Balm Bomb.



hahha me too!

I am in love with these and the names theme is outstanding for me as a name meaning nerd. I think a fair few others round these parts share that interest, including our PM!

yes I love names/meanings and wow these are not only gorgeous names but lovely meanings.
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The store was very sparkly tonight with it being dark outside and all the spotlights perfectly arranged on the merchandise. Daughter bought herself a tarot deck. Hubby went with whatever I decided for him, which was the Xavier with SS4M, loved this one immediately on him. He says it reminds him of Old Spice so he didn't mind. I also picked Edward for him with SWS, it's an office-friendly outdoorsy soft scent, and he's had great luck with SWS. I picked Corwin for him but I'm pretty sure I will be using it for myself, hehe. Smells very uplifting, possibly with lemon ? grapefruit ?

I got the whole women's sampler because by then my nose was getting a little overloaded. The big winner of the night is NOX with Teddy BB. I questioned the wisdom of pairing such a sexy resin scent with such a...what I figured to be unisex PMS sort of phero blend. But lo and behold, I had barely applied it and in walks hubby tp say how good that smelled, gives me a kiss. Evening ended up with lots of cuddles, I totally underestimated how badly we both needed the (I'm guessing) androstadienone. Thank you for this magical combination.


Note to Forum Members: I perceive scents mostly by their energy. Asking me for more details on specific notes wont be very helpful, I'm afraid. Can only tell you what I'm feeling drawn to tonight. :Emoticons04235:


Update: I can pretty much follow my husband around the house by his scent trail (kids have gone to bed so we figure it's safe to wear in the house). I keep falling more and more in love with Xavier.

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So happy to see Androstenol and family at the party tonight! We've missed you lately! xoxoxoxo


My drink was a huge hit at the party tonight. :) One guy said I could bottle and sell my drinky concoctions as well, another said it was "top top top shelf" - I think that's good, heh. . So I thought I would share the recipe in case anyone wants to try....it's very easy...


I made a concentrate of tea. I used fruit infused herbal teas in this case (since I can't tolerate caffeine), but you could use anything. I used a mix of strawberry, passionfruit, pomegranate, and mango. We added thinly sliced lemons and strawberries, and two different local raw honeys - wildflower and alfalfa (omg, amazing delish). And then the magic ingredient, a gallon of Black Velvet whiskey. We served it hot out of a big cauldron pot.


I think the real truth is that my drinks are hits due to the sheer overwhelming volume of alcohol. :lol: But truly, fruited teas and whiskey are a very nice and delicate combination. The flavors bring each other out.


For next month, I am trying to think of something fun to do with hot chocolate.

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