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Invidiana's Frost on the Pumpkin


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"Sweet pumpkin flesh with a frosty note and the barest hint of spice, with drops of medium sweet amber and nonfoody vanilla to ground. I wanted it to evoke the spirit of post-Halloween pumpkins glittering with the first crystals of frost."


A base of non-foody vanilla, and a fleshy (barely spicy) pumpkin, a drop of sweet amber in the base, and for the frosty note, I combined 1 drop each of mistletoe, mint and pine.


I really don't know how Mara did this but it really does smell like a frosty pumpkin. Not frosted as in covered in cake frosting but actual frost swirled with sweet pumpkin, which is fleshed out more with that hint of amber. There is just the barest dusting of spice to round it out, but I don't amp it so it stays where it's supposed to. Now I know how odd it sounds to mix pumpkin with mistletoe, mint and pine, but the three notes that evoke the frosty feeling don't assert themselves as PINE! or MINT! but rather show up as the sum of their parts, which is an ethereal chilly shroud falling over the last Halloween pumpkins on people's doorsteps. The only regret I have about this PE is not doing it sooner!

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