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It took me a long goodly while to get around to fully testing this out (chalk it up to this being a permanent and my shiny-things-syndrome forcing me to trip, stumble over, and hoard limiteds)... Safe to say I am head over heels in love with this one. The scent in itself is intoxicating and GORGEOUS; somehow calming, soothing, and drop dead sexy all at the same time. It's subtle enough for work/day and sexy enough for date night, a very come hither snuggle closer warm skin-scent on me.


And the phero is THE BOMB - not only have I found it to be extremely positive for prickly work situations and meetings with potentially catty/judgey ladies, it's SO fabulous for girls' brunches/nights. I always find making girlfriends infinitely more stressful and nervous-making than romantic relationships. So much is at stake!! Dudes come and go and I could care less, but a good girlfriend is forever. A good girlfriend I entrust with my deepest, darkest secrets, who bore close-up witness to the full gamut of my "awkward phases" (of which there continue to be many), and who will ultimately wind up knowing me better than my own mother. I travel a lot so I'm away from home base much of the year, and many of us are now spread around the globe so it can be months (and sometimes YEARS) before I'm able to schedule a good old-fashioned catch up with my best girlfriends. This has helped smooth any awkwardness out of the we-haven't-spoken-in-forever vibes and has facilitated such great love and intimacy with my gal pals whom I miss so very dearly much of the year.


Incidentally (despite generally being an EST non-responder) the husband reacts amazingly to this one too, so I get the best of all worlds. Gonna try to add some cops with this next and see how that fares...

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