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NOX w/ Teddy BB

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I never really played with teddy Bb, or really fancied the idea of nox lol


Dealing with working two week straight i was the equivilant of the boogie man on roids xD

Not exactly a nice look when working with people


I decided to dig this out thinking i have nothing to lose and swiped it on before work. Well well well, I get a blast of dark berries, syrupy wouldnt be the right word for it...strong and juicy with some depth. I loved smelling me at work! idk why I was so scared of nox!


The phero seemed like it affected me more than anybody else, my stress levels went from 11 to 0 anf I pretty much about dropped to the floor a couple times mid shift :lol:

This is definitely something i reach for now at the end of the day when I just cant relax and need to be bonked over the head to knock the ick of all adrenaline's horrible faces off.


Its a chill pill in a bottle of perfume :D

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FINALLY bought a FB of this! I love this one but I kept putting off buying a FB for whatever reason. Also, this is a scent that my SO even likes. At least one he actually comments on. First of all, he smokes A LOT so his smeller is off. Either he cannot smell whatever I am wearing or he says it smells like baby powder. :arf: He doesn't really know what he is talking about when it comes to scents. Somehow this one registers for him so that's a bonus. It could be the Teddy BB though too because it has such a chill factor for both of us. One of my many LP loves.

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I'm glad I have all these review to read. I've been doing great with putting on some Howl, Balm Bomb and Beautiful Dreamer on alternate nights, thought I'd give this little sniffle of NOX a try. Medicinal berries - yup. With that edge of headache feeling. But I'm going to wait it out and see how it smells in the am. I also like knowing that resins last longer in perfumes than the berries will, since I love amber and the like so very much. Hope it knocks me out!

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I’d just gotten this scent for my bride because I was reading about how well the phero was working for the ladies when Balm Bomb wasn’t good enough.  Wow!  


It it smells amazing and quite honestly there is nothing I can add that Luna hasn’t already written but my bride also really loves the scent and the phero blend REALLY seems to affect her quite strongly.  Both times she has worn this scent I have noticed an immediate mood improvement where she starts smiling and appears visibly relaxed.  It has been great!  Today she put some on and promptly fell asleep on the couch.  😴


I really need to find a scent for me to find and wear this in if it has this type of affect on her.  I am also going to try a Phero B2.2 enhanced scent to find out which one works better for her. 😊 

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