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Private Editions for November 2015

Potion Master

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We've got 12 this month! And I still feel like I forgot something, so if you do not see yours here, please drop me a line!

Will be bottling and labeling over the next 24 hours and will report back what is available.


Thanks and Enjoy! :D



Victoria Pink

LadyV asked for a girly pink lavender scent, and this is one gorgeously flirty blend! Sweet French lavender melded with cotton candy pink sugars, marshmallow fluff, a dash of mulberry and a couple of drops of sweet amber in the base.

3/15 Bottles Available

(Hearts, StacyK, , Lovestruck, Nutrix, Stacy x2, Mailily, Phergineer, Bella, JLisa, Victoria, Phergineer, Blanche



Victoria Red

LadyVs scrumptious take on cherry chip pancakes starts with luscious cherry oils, which are whisked together with chocolate chips, fluffy vanilla batter, maple syrup, and finally a big swirl of whipped cream on top. YUM!

9/15 Bottles Available

(Hearts, Cherise, Luna, Nutrix, Tyvey, Victoria



Tyvey's White Chocolate Rose

Tyvey's got another hit on her hands with this amazing concoction of cocoa butter and coconut cream, blended with dark (almost boozy) red rose attar and warmed with a dash of "Cougar" musk. Stay calm people, stay calm.

3/15 Bottles Available

(Halo, Hearts, BlueBear, LadyV, Bella, Lovestruck, Invi, Blackcat, SeaJam, StacyK, Luna, Seajam



Olivia's Comfort and Joy ~ Part Deux Deux

Ode to Olivia, Part Deux! Jennifer asked for a not-too-sweet wintery comfort scent of buttered pumpkin bread with a hint of hair of the pup! Crafted of pumpkin and 4 types of bready notes, buttery butters, a spot of warm oat, and a dash of animalic canton musk. (

2 Bottles Available

(SeaJam, Invi)



Erin's Mad Irish Farm Girl

Jennifer and her buddy Erin - she of the Farmhouse Afternoon - have concocted a scent that evokes the atmosphere of her farmhouse as the weather moves on into the colder months. Crafted of a collection of mosses and decaying leaves, clipped hay, heather and vetiver grass, a spot of moist earth, a spark of ozone, and a little puff of gunsmoke on the air.

1 Bottle Available




Lisa's Golden Goddess

Lisa asked for a golden honey combo - reminiscent of our SLF style blends - with a touch of brightness. I used three different kinds of Honey - my dark sexual honey, and also wildflower and orange blossom to convey some fruity brightness. To accentuate that, I added a few drops of peach blossom and a beautiful golden peach. Then deep and sexy Amber essential oil and golden Sandalwood attar in the base. Gorgeous!

0/13 Bottles Available

(JLisa x3, Mai, Blackcat, Kitty, JLisa x2, StacyK, Luna, Tyvey, Nutrix, Rose)



Dolly Rama Musk

For our beloved guru, the Dolly Rama: Soft, warm and dusky, this scent is comprised of Egyptian Musk, Indian Attars of Golden Sandalwood and Black Amber, and a slightly animalic Amber EO.

6/8 Bottles Available

(SeaJam, Nutrix



Patti's Gypsy

That's Patti dressed up for Halloween in her Gypsy attire, superimposed into an antique image! The goal for this one is in fact an antique style scent crafted of aged sandalwood and vetiver attars, cedar wood and leaf EOs, and a dash of warm Egyptian musk. Earthy and comforting, wonderfully atmospheric.

3 Bottles Available

(Blackcat x2, Mai)



Carolyn's Nile Spice

If you are a fan of our Ebil-ish or Pashazade style scents - GRAB! IMMEDIATELY! This blend is a little darker and more resinous than those, crafted on a base of the last of one my best aged patchouli oils, layered with creamy vanilla and balsam, and made WOW with exotic spice EOs of clove bud and cardamom.

5/9 Bottles Available

(Androstenol, Mai, JLisa, SeaJam



Barbara's Soft Sandal Rose

Very soft, smooth and subtle - a silky bed of Egyptian musk and Indian sandalwood attar, with a single drop each of red rose attar, and fresh red rose. It's silky elegance with just a hint of floral.

3 bottles available



Our wonderful Invidiana designed her own labels again this month!! Nice job, Invi!



Amanda's Freaky Tiki

Invidiana's frothy vacation in a bottle consists of creamy dreamy coconut oils, Tahitian vanilla, smoked sugar cane, a dot of sweet amber and a splash of rum. Yum!

3 Bottles Available

(JLisa, MidnightReq, Luna)



Stephanie's Hazelnuts About Chocolate

Invi's creation of light and dark chocolates blended with milky hazelnut and a bit of darkest amber, to bring out the bittersweetness.

2/3 Bottles Available




And remember this one from last month? I promised I would make more and I did! Those who reserved, do you still want?



Lovestruck's Honeyed Blackberry

This one is based upon a body butter that Lovestruck adores and wanted something similar in a PE. It's very simple, just notes of lightly spiced blackberry and 2 kinds of sweet light honey - Spring and Orange Blossom - and a few drops of sweet amber in the base.

2/5 bottles available

(Maililyahn, Rose, Xev

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OMG, you darkened the musk!!

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OMG Mara I adore Olivia's label! Thank you for making it look so lovely! And I am so thrilled to see that Erin's is a matching doggy!


These all look stunning, and I can't wait to hear notes for each and every one!


ETA: Patti's Gypsy is especially intriguing!

Edited by Blackcat
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Lovely lovely labels!! So excited!!! If we are reserving, I want a freaky tiki, another golden goddess, a mad Irish farm girl because that looks exactly like my dog...and perhaps a gypsy. If we are not reserving, ignore! I will probably want more!

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They all look great Mara!! Very tempting!!! :)

Edited by TheBirkeys
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I'm currently printing, bottling and labeling. More than halfway through, I think around 3 more hours barring interruptions, then I will come back on and insert the descriptions and tell you more about the blends. :)


Just wondering Mara...how many bottles of Mega Watt do you go through each month??!! lol Thanks very much for letting us know...:)

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I got my labels in on time!!! YAY!!!!


Positively dying to know what is in LadyV's. Both of them.


And put me down for a White Chocolate Rose if there are even any left by this point, lol.

Edited by Invidiana
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I liked your October Laundry label from last month Invi and the way it captured some of the notes and the vibe of the scent, and Hazelnuts About Chocolate I like even better cause it's stated and evokes scent. Same with Mara's White Choc Rose label, I feel like I get the sense of the scent from it. Nice job ladies!

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Thank you yes, it's me, but it's just temporary until I find a funny or original one


Rosebud, you are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous.....you should definitely keep the pic one of you.....fur reelz!

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