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fatigue-busting phero for a male friend?


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I respond well to Mega Watt and Dominance for energy. Mega Watt is unisex. Could be layered with an invigorating or masculine scent.


Hubby reports getting more energy from any blend that contains androstenone (plus it would give the Alpha-vibe you're talking about). Hubby has also been using Pinnacle at work for energy. The androstenol can increase mood but is less of an alpha-signature. I'm sure some of our gents will chime in as well as to what works for them. Have fun exploring.

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Yea a dude with an Epi signature?? All of the above mentioned are women's blends. I recommend OW, Pinnical (any left), and don't forget the power of Mara's Magic LP's. Maybe try Eternal Sunshine.

I strongly recommend waiting to hear from our male phero vets there may be a blend.


ETA, I knew there were similar threads. Here is

one. At here are probably more.



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I think that's a good idea. He should check out the the male blend threads a little. He could ask questions and get some feedback in those from some members with more experience in the men's blends. he could also email Mara & John. They are always so helpful.

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