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Carolyn's Nile Spice


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If you are a fan of our Ebil-ish or Pashazade style scents - GRAB! IMMEDIATELY! This blend is a little darker and more resinous than those, crafted on a base of the last of one my best aged patchouli oils, layered with creamy vanilla and balsam, and made WOW with exotic spice EOs of clove bud and cardamom.




In the beginning it is a little sharp. Could be the balsam or the clove but it settles down very quickly. I currently have a headache and scents can really set those off. This didn't tip into the "wash off immediately before the pounding intensifies" category so I am happy about that. Its spicy. It doesn't have that typical Egyptian incense smell but would layer very nicely with it. The cardamom and spice definitely have an exotic feel but this is softer, perhaps because of the vanilla.

It is one of those scents that I really want to layer and play with. I think it would be amazing with something woodsy, interesting with something sweeter or great with something with cinnamon. I think I like it. :)

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When I stormed into LPMP to get my usual shopping list of unscented pheros taken care of, this was the only scented one I bought that time. As Mara hugged me good-bye, she remarked "Oh, you smell so good !". Well of course I smelled good ! I had broken the seal on this puppy neary a second after I paid for it. And daaaaaamn this is all gorgeous Christmassy spice on me. I love me some clove !! This is intense and lasted about 5 - 8 hours on me. I would literally stand in my own cloud of spicey Christmas market sort of vibe and just smile. I agree with the above that on me, I will experiment with some layering, I'm thinking a softy creamy vanilla or something buttery. But it's nice on its own !


Once I arrived home, my daughter obviously wanted in on the fun. On her it's Chai all the way. Like a freshly brewed cup of chai is there in her hand. I'm a little jealous ! But I'm sure I can push it in that direction on myself with a bit of tinkering. Will be using this puppy in those dark months, but will be stopping it coming spring time. A total winner for me. Also agree that it doesn't remind me of Egyptian scents but I'm glad I reserved a bottle scent-notes unseen. This is stronger on me than Eve of Darkness even. Like the daytime cousin of it, perhaps.

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