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Is this right? LFM doesn't smell like anything...?

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Hey all.


So I got my trial size of LFM just now.


I opened it and...maybe a tiny bit of an alcohol smell...I mean tiny. And putting it on, I am huffing my wrists and I literally can't smell anything...


Is my smeller broken? :lol:


It's an "un" but I was under the impression that the uns still have a phero smell of some description...?


I did give the bottle a little shake before putting it on. This is in the oil.

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Some UN pheros have a noticeable scent, and some don't smell like much of anything.

This is what Mara has for the description on the Etsy site:

UNscented Pheromones FYI: Unscented does not mean odor-free! They do indeed have an odor, some are light, some are stronger, and thus should ALWAYS be worn along with fragrance of your choice. You can add a few drops directly to your perfume bottle or layer them on your skin...a drop of phero oil first, then a dab of your perfume on top.

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LFM doesn't have a notable odor to me. LFN, with the additional 'enone & cops is noticeable.

I think you'll find some Un pheros more noticeable than others.

Don't worry they still work. ;)

So, you should still wear a cover scent - just because you can't smell it, doesn't necessarily mean that others can't either...


Yes this ^^


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Hmmm.. I detect no noticeable odor to LFM. There is definitely a scent to LFN, as one would expect with anything containing cops though. Not sure if I pick up heavily on e-none - more preoccupied with the cop scent I guess, but

definitely, if you detect a scent that bothers you with any phero, just use a good cover scent. It should not affect its performance in any way if that is your concern.

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