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PHEROMAS question--how much to use in a full bottle of scent?

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Hi all,


I purchased a few pheromas trials in November and they've arrived. In the past, I have purchased FB of UN pheros and frankly, I don't really notice their effect except for a few--Cougar, Sexpionage and sometimes Leather. When I do see results consistently, it is when coupled with a congruent scent. For some reason, the scent + phero just gets me selfies better. And I'm too clueless to really notice anyone else having a reaction (and that isn't my purpose for wearing them).


I want to use the pheromas in my existing scents to test them but I'm not sure the ratios to use to mix for a spray.


I could do a FB scent (10 ml) plus a pheromas (1.5 ml) as my 40% and then add 60% perfumers alcohol. But should I match 1.5 ml scent + 1.5 ml phero instead with the above ratio again of alcohol? Or 3 ml scent and 1.5 ml phero?


Please advise. Thanks!

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I asked this question too awhile back. From what I remember the phero enhanced fragrances are 1/3 phero to 2/3 fragrance oil. So 1 ml to 2 ml. That would amount to using approx the whole bottle of trial size UN to 10ml fragrance.

Mara's recommendation for sprays is 60/40, 40% phero enhanced fragrance to 60% perfumers alcohol. I'm pretty sure that's the correct info but you may want to wait and see if someone else confirms or corrects me.


I make some of my UN's into 3 ml sprays by using the 60/40 ratio and they seem to work well.

Hope that helps.

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The Pheromas bottles contain around 4 ml. So if you added that to a full bottle of perfume oil (10 ml) , you would be getting around the same dose in the bottle as a whole, around 400 mcg, but you're also diluting everything - the phero and the perfume, so you might use a little more of the product. Use the scent as guide of how much to apply.


To turn this into a spray, you'll need to add around 50% perfumer's alcohol in this case, rather than 66%, because you've got some extra oil dilutant going on that wouldn't be there if I made the combo here.


Let us know how that works. :)

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