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That's Patti dressed up for Halloween in her Gypsy attire, superimposed into an antique image! The goal for this one is in fact an antique style scent crafted of aged sandalwood and vetiver attars, cedar wood and leaf EOs, and a dash of warm Egyptian musk. Earthy and comforting, wonderfully atmospheric.



I know that only Patti, Blackcat and I have this one but I felt it needed a thread anyway. I really like this one. Of all the November PE's this one is up there as a favorite. Wet there is mostly Sandalwood and Musk but after a few minutes the cedarwood starts to peek through. The vetiver shows up later and lingers with the musk. The dry down becomes very soft feminine and woodsy at the same time. I want to try it with Grimoire for some reason. Perhaps I will remember to do that tomorrow.

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Oooh, thanks for starting this, Mai! I've been meaning to for a while, because even if you and I (and the mysterious Patti!) are the only ones who have it, I think it's great for others to hear about yet another astonishing Mara creation.


So. This one. Many years ago, I ordered some essential oils to mess around with for spell purposes, and I wound up making myself a blend of Cypress and Vetiver that I was obsessed with. Several times since joining since LP, I have had the thought that I should ask Mara to make me something that starts from those two notes.


When I put this on, I realized that I no longer have to ask. I think the cedar wood reads very similar to the cypress? In any event, it has that perfect animalic earthy tang, while the musk and sandalwood ground it and make it into something achingly complex and evocative. In some ways this reminds me of Charlene's Sanctuary -- they don't smell alike, but both have that sense of being something right on the edge between a powerful spell oil and a complex sophisticated perfume.


I knew my mother would like this, and I lost my first bottle to her very early after acquiring, so I had to get a second! She also finds it deeply nostalgic, though neither of us can say with any certainty exactly what is being evoked. It's both deep woods and your grandmother's attic, if your grandmother had a wild bohemian past and was a practicing witch.


Typing this now, I keep getting a childhood book stuck in my head: "Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley and Me, Elizabeth." I think the scent reminds me of that kind of aching childhood wish for magic, and the sense that adulthood holds the answers to some huge mystery. I'm babbling now, but I just love this!

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I agree with you. It smells old, sort of nostalgic but also wild. It reminded me of my grandmother also. Though if she had a bohemian past I did not know about it. She -was- quite the socialite but more of the furs, beads and ballrooms type and she was definitely -not- a practicing witch. Still, their house did have an attic and I always expected there to be many treasures up there every time I got to climb up and peek in.


I didn't wear this with Grimoire today like I wanted to. I was in a rush and went out the door with nothing on, grabbing my bottle of Mega Watt for later application as I went.

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