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Hi all, I'm 24 going on 25 and I've stumbled across this website in the hopes of curing myself. I heard the jazz version of the song "Love Potion #9" and I could really identify with the guy in the song, being a flop with the ladies and all that.


I wondered if there was actually such thing as a magic potion that could help me. I was shocked that this place even exists and the actual songwriters made it a reality!



So I went ahead and placed my first order ever, mixed in Heart Throb into the Spray version of the signature potion and here I am.




Now there's a girl in my life that I've had a crush on since high school but I've been too afraid to do anything about it. I've never been in a relationship and I've felt pretty ugly and repulsive to women for most of my life.



Is there anybody out there that can help?







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Hello David:

Welcome to the forum!

You can get a lot of advice here from both male and certainly female perspectives here. I am more than happy to help as much as I can. Just remember my perspective is from a guy married 25+ years!

Which fragrance did you get?


ETA: never mind - I see.


A couple things:


Remember that pheromones are like hints - but it takes both attitude and appropriate action on you half to make those hints work. By attitude I mean you need to be both positive and confident. And confident not arrogant. Action means you have to be out there in a friendly way - you cannot just sit there, do nothing and expect some kind of magic to happen.


The second thing is that Heart Throb is a strong sex mix. You need to keep that in mind so you do not seem like you are coming on too strong. In some ways, if you do not have a pre-existing relationship with a young lady, you are almost trying to "brute force" the issue. If you remember - Heart Throb has a small dose of cops in it. This gives the impression you have recently been with a female or or the type of guy who gets around a lot. It is not really considered a work-safe mix.

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Mara is very generous with samples and if you have any questions about scents or pheromone mixes they are happy to talk you on the telephone.


What you generally want to do is spray a pheromone mix somewhere where your body heat will help diffuse the pheromones. This would be upper chest, lower neck and wrists, especially in winter. The good part about using it on your chest is that it kind mixes with your natural body chemistry and becomes "you" in a way. The cool thing about your wrists is that as you move your arms around, it helps diffuse the scent and pheromone mix around you.


You are young and Heart Throb is a pretty strong mix. My advice is always start low with sprays and work you way up. I would start with 1-2 sprays of the fragrance. This pheromone has 'none in it. The 'none is the pheromone that screams man. You are young so you are already producing a lot of 'none. What you do not want to do is OD (overdose) on the 'none. A couple things can happen and neither are good. First, if you add too much 'none (or too many pheromones in general) it overwhelms people's ability to process them and you ghost out. In other words people ignore you because they unconsciously cannot figure you out because your pheromone signal is too strong. Second, too much 'none will actually scare a lot of younger women away and cause very alpha guys to act aggressively towards you, both physically and verbally. The good news is that a stronger 'none signature can attract older women. :)


Be careful where you do spray. This has both 'none and cops in it. The cops give you the "scent of a woman" so to speak. Both can last a long time on your skin. Even worse if you spray them directly on your clothes or in your hair. They will stay there a very long time and in the case of your clothes - you may still catch a whiff after they are washed. So do NOT spray this mix directly on your hair or clothes.


Also - some guys say they sometimes feel a little a little irritable after spraying on a 'none heavy mix, so keep that in mind too.

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Welcome :)


You'll get a lot of help and support here.


My suggestion #1 listen to QG.

Pheros take a little time to get the hang of. Which blends are right for you et. You have a strong sexy mix. You might want to add a social/sexy blend that makes YOU feel good to your collection. Selifies (self effects from pheros) are a great part of the package.

Like QG said, pheros help nudge things along. But, they won't do all the heavy lifting. But, they can really help.

Make sure to read the review threads for the men's pheros and phero enhanced fragrances. The more you know, right.


BTW there are so every good men's enhanced fragrances available right now. Sometime they are easier to work with in the beginning. IMO

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QG is offering great advice :)


And, yes, I think the Heart Throb blend could boost your own mood and confidence. I gave Dark Desires w/Heart Throb as a gift (now that's a pheromone enhanced fragrance at 1/3 the strength of the full strength blend) and he used 2-3 sprays (the equivalent of 1 spray from a full strength) and he noticed a boost in mood and confidence on what would seem like a small amount. Everyone is different, so you will have to play and experiment.

It will be an interesting adventure ^_^ Happy experimenting! :Emoticons0424:

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Wouldn't any of what I have work to help me feel better?


Sorry - Mondays are looooong days for me and I was pretty busy most of today too.


Yes - like NuTrix said, it can certainly give you a boost of confidence. Both from the standpoint of feeling like you have a secret weapon (which you do but you must learn to use it properly my young Padawan) but also from the stand point that men's testosterone levels shoot way up when they catch the "scent of a woman". So you can have a double whammy going on there.


But ultimately, you are going to have to find something inside you that gives you a certain amount of self-worth and confidence enough to feel good about yourself. I say that because right now, you seem kinda down about the no girlfriend situation along with being in between jobs. I know both situations can be trying and make you question yourself but everybody here has been in the same place at one point or another and will tell you that your worth is not measured by your job or your romantic relationships. You matter just because you are you. Period.


As you look at future orders, I will recommend the following if I may be so bold:


First, Charisma will take you a long way is usually more versatile that Heart Throb.


Second, I seldom order fragrances with pheromones mixed in. That way I do not limit myself with either.


I will make you an offer: Considering you are a newbie and are in between jobs, I will send you some samples and/or sniffies of some of the current fragrances without asking for even the cost of shipping. I could send you some old ones that are out of stock but what good would that do you lol? If you want to take me up on the offer, say so here, and let me know you are asking Halo (Heather) for an email exchange. Once we do that, you can send me your address and I will send you the samples.

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Ok - what you need to do is email Halo at the LP customer service email (front page of the LP site) and ask for an email exchange with me. I will do the same.


ETA: BlackWolf: I ran on a big assumption here - are you in the US? If not where are you - I will need to look at shipping costs if you are outside the US.

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BlackWolf_91, welcome to the forum. I know nothing about the male pheromones, but I find the pheromone that makes me feel a little extra special is the one that will give me that extra boost of confidence and sparkle. I know that's not helpful at all, but only you will be able to figure out which one that is for you. So, have fun experimenting and good luck!

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