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Making A Match!

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Hi Ladies,


Im hoping you can provide me with some guidance! I recently made my first purchase, Honeyed Love Potion w/Gotcha! I love vanilla/honey scents and it smells amazing! Absolutely exquisite!! However, despite using non-scented products aside from the roll on oil and using as directed, I am not receiving any attention with this! Nothing!!


And, thats the main reason Im interested in pheromones ;) Ive used Super Sexy B by Androntics Direct but the results were not worth it to me to continue purchasing (and I didnt like the smell). Im hoping to find something that will help me get hits without losing the pleasure of using quality products.


This is where I need you ladies! Could you please suggest my next experimentation? Ive been leaning towards the Love Potion Original with either La Femme Mystere, Cuddle Bunny, Heart & Soul, or Super Sexy added. But, Ill give you some background and trust your expertise.


I have never had a long term relationship and feel a bit nervous with blatant sexual tension. But, I have kind of a hard, sexy look and I think that tends to attract men that are looking for something more forceful and provocative. Ive tried to tone down my look as much as possible (subtle makeup, soft hair, modest clothing) but its a coloring and bone structure issue. I have sharp cheekbones, green eyes, dark hair, fair skin and a sharp nose. Im also a more quiet reserved person, but I do smile and engage with people ;)


What Id love more than anything to increase my femininity, to make men that desire a committed romantic relationship feel welcome to approach me. Ill be turning 30 next month and hope this is the year for love!


Thank you darlings for all your advice!

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Hi there!

First off, I'd suggest that you fool with how much Gotcha you're wearing, and possibly where you're applying it.

There is no "one dose fits all" with pheros. You have to play a bit to find your own sweet spot.

Also, I find certain application points work best for me with certain pheros. A "lollipop" kind of application starting in cleavage and going down to circle belly button makes for awesome diffusion, and with anything that doesn't contain huge amounts of cops, I also tend to apply to the back of my neck, and to my forearms - just about an inch in those 3 places. (This is for phero enhanced perfume, which is about 1/3 the strength of LP's unscented pheros. For those I use the same application points, but less product. And for cops heavy stuff I tend to stick to the lollipop).

Next, keep in mind that not all phero hits are going to be blatant, in your face events. Most are quite subtle. I tend to gauge effects of my pheros first on the subtle reactions of people I know well.

As for pheros that would accentuate bonding, I'd say Heart and Soul is fantastic, as is Gotcha. Perfect Match is an amazing blend for bonding feels. I always think of Heart and Soul as the sweetheart phero. People tend to behave in a gentle manner towards me while wearing it, (like I'm a sweetheart!) and it makes them really want to get to know me.

If you're trying to downplay overly sexual reactions, I might stay away from Cuddle Bunny... I'm not sure. It's a snuggly kind of blend, but it IS quite sexual.

Also, you might try Open Windows. It's a social blend which makes you come off as sorta sparkly and fascinating, and really someone others want to talk to. It's my favorite phero, and I've had such great reactions while wearing it that I seriously doubt I could make it through life without it! Lol!

Having said that, I also love Super Sexy. I wouldn't call it a bonding phero necessarily, but it makes me feel really good when I'm wearing it. It feels like me, only better. And the natural sense of confidence I get from it makes me feel more relaxed in social situations.

I like LFM a lot too, but if people already react to you because of your appearance, LFM might tend to accentuate that. It does that for me, but at the same time it seems to keep people at an "admiring distance". In other words, they wanna look at me, and will talk ABOUT me while I'm standing right there, but they won't necessarily engage me in conversation. Other people have had different reactions with it though, so YMMV.

Anyway, that's all I've got! Sorry. I rambled. Lol. I do that.

Good luck!

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Gotcha is a good one! Like Eggers said, tinker with the amount and test on people you know. Then you'll be able to gauge reactions in strangers.


Things with Est (Estratetraenol) are good for what you're looking for. It's a feminizing pheromone and makes men want to take care of you. My first thought was actually Lace, and Super Sexy for Women a close second. And like Eggers said, you can't beat Open Windows for approachability.


Good luck!

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Hi Oh Me! ^_^


I was just wearing Gotcha last night (the unscented full strength though) and got 2 really stand out hits. Unusually sweet behavior from 2 different co-workers. Not that they are grumps to begin with, but knowing them both, the behavior was more interested and thoughtful. I also had several people strike up conversation who usually would keep to themselves. So I would have to agree with tinkering some more with your doses and application points. I "talk" with my hands a LOT and usually apply to my wrists and the backs of my hands but I also had a strip on either side of my neck as well.


I just re-purchased more H&S and find it's become a go to so I second that one and also Open Windows for all the reasons listed above :) They not only improve my own desire for social interaction, but they draw people to you from interaction as well.


Happy experimenting!

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I would strongly suggest that you don't boost your perfumes with an UN right off the bat. Get them separately as to not limit yourself to wearing them together. I prefer to have my stable of pheros in UN form so I can wear them with whatever strikes my fancy that day. Also you might want to grab a bunch of Phero enhanced fragrances samples. They are premixed with a lower dose of pheros and are great for beginners who need to test a lot of things. Also sweet spots vary wildly so you'll have to experiment quite a bit. Tyvey gets mega hits from a swipe from a sample bottle of a Phero enhanced fragrance which is 1/3 strength Phero. I must usually use 6-8 sprays of full strength UN to get hits. So there is a huge huge range of effectiveness. Good luck.

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Oh Me,

I second the above post from Halo, i just checked on Etsy and there is still a trial of heart and soul available, they are only available once a year. H&S, treasured hearts and super sexy are my favorites, and what I get the most hits from. Most enhanced perfumes come in the $5 trial vials, that's also a great way to try many combos. H&S is a sweet girl next door vibe, happy experimenting!


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Welcome :)


It's pretty much all been said.


I'll add that if you want that respectful cherishing vibe, blends with EST are the way to go.


Read the descriptions, they give the general feel for what the phero should provide.

Also, if you want to tone down the sexy forward vibe avoid blends with Copulins ("cops").


There are quite a variety of blends to choose from.

Just remember you are in the experiment phase, keep track of how much you apply, so you can make adjustments as needed.


I did end up investing in a spray bottle of straight EST almost 3 years ago. I still have half a bottle left. A little goes a long way. I am a big fan. Before diving in that far I do suggest you check out the phero enhanced trial scents as Halo mentioned.

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Welcome OH Me! I will chime in here too for what it's worth. My best hits by far, have been from LFM, LFN, and Est. Stone Cougar always makes people very helpful chatty and friendly as well. I have personally had zero results with Gotcha (that I know of), but others swear by it. I love Honeyed LP and wear it for the scent alone. Sexpionage is always a win for me and also promotes great self effects, but I would never consider wearing it when going out! Have fun experimenting and good luck! :)

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Welcome to the forum! I have little experience with pheros so I will not chime in on any advice there. However...Honeyed LP is my favorite!! My Mr. tends to respond pretty well to anything that smells good! Because of that I just buy what I like scent wise...so you definitely made a good choice with HLP!! Good luck and I look forward to reading your reviews!

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Hi Ladies! I apologize for not responding sooner. My car broke down and finding/financing a replacement has been rough :/ Thank you all so much for your help!


I have been working the HLP w/Gotcha and feel its been slightly more useful than previously! Interestingly enough, I think I was being too conservative with the amount so thank you for all the suggestions to play with it!"


As far as the results, its very subtle, but I seem to be getting more smiles and good attention! Id love something stronger that encourages more conversation and hopeful a date! But, Im going to finish this beautiful formula and then give another potion a chance; appreciate all the suggestions!


@Eggers: Thank you so much for your rambling! Please ramble anytime!! Youve sold me on Heart & Soul and I cant wait to make that my next purchase :) Ill be sure to review as soon as Ive given it a chance.


@BlueBear, Tyvey, NuTrix, & StacyK: Thank you the reviews, recommendations (will be looking for EST blends;) and wearing tips; very much appreciate!


@Halo0073 & Cycle Kitten: I will definitely look into separate potions to mix and match when I have a bit more time and experience.


@Rose Blackthorn & Brookejones: Thank you for the personal reviews and recommendations! I hope to be reviewing more as well!

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