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The label was kind of a late descision, it's always so difficult to do men's labels because you can't actually put a picture of a sexy man on them, like I would want to. "Dude! Why is there a bottle with a naked man on it in your medicine cabinet?" heh. Anyway, I hadn't even thought of it as a Green Man ode, but a mountain man sexy lumberjack kind of thing. It's very foresty.


lol, of course I hadn't thought of that particular drawback either... sounds way yummy tho' love me a lumberjack-foresty thang...

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I’m right there with ya G (Gennifer that is!) I live out in the boon docks can’t get cable, can’t get DSL …arg. BTW Mara, I live straight on till morning, does that mean were neighbors?? LOL :019-[Drooling]-[EmoticonKing.co





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When will the new descriptions be available?


Today. We had an area wide outage that prevented us access to our own site all weekend. Hours and hours and hours on the phone to get it fixed. Sorry for the delay.

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Ok, here we go! Sorry for the wait kids. You can start emailing for invoices now. The order pages will take another day or two to load up.




You'll enslave him for sure with Danna's incarnation of "sex in a bottle" - he'll follow you anywhere just to get a breath of your fragrant skin. Notes of cocoa butter, bergamot, red carnations, European vanilla custard, green and white musks and dew-kissed roses convey a message of self confidence and sexual allure, and bestow a heightening of passion and arousal.





We combined 3 spells to craft this potion; our own mixture of the traditional Voodoo 'Come To Me' potion, an invocation to the Celtic spirit of OL, and a Wiccan Four Winds spell.


The Voodoo 'Come To Me' spell is predominantly to beckon a lover, but the ingredients also work to 'magnetize the aura', drawing towards you whatever it is you empower the potion to attract.


The Celtic entity OL was long ago enfolded into the legend of King Arthur. It was said that he could locate anyone and anything. A tracker, a hunter, and a patron for lost pets, his spirit is called upon when trying to locate people, animals or any object that's been lost.


The Wiccan "Four Winds" spell amplifies the energy of the wearer and carries your message and intent on the four winds. Can be used projectively or receptively, sending out your energy or drawing what you are seeking towards you.


The ingredients are all very sexual in nature, but carry secondary properties that apply to more than just seeking a lover. Use this potion for anything you wish to draw your way. Includes Patchouli, Saffron, Tomato, Ylang Ylang, Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Apricot, Rose.





In celebration of the mating of the Dragon (man) and the Phoenix (woman), a couple's bonding potion crafted of traditional Chinese notes of black and green teas (lust, invigoration, riches), jasmine (powerful love attractant), bamboo (feminine energy, fertility, wisdom, luck, protection), almond (masculine energy, fertility, verility, prosperity, wisdom, insight), honey (seduction, happiness, fulfillment, bonding), oriental woods (aphrodisia, exotic sensuality, healing) and Asian plum (inspires and maintains love, bonding). Deeply sensual, but fresh too, and may be worn by both women and men.





The Icelandic term for flirting, “to have the cats of Freya in the eyes,” is still in use today. A Goddess of fertility, love, prosperity, war and magic, Freya was seen as somewhat promiscuous, a proponent of physical passion both within and outside of marriage. Freya aids people in finding partners. She opitimizes warmth, friendliness, allure, sensuality and optimism; and spells to her are always water-based.


With this potion we are petitioning her favors, so our ode includes all of the elements in her water spells - water, earth, woods, plants, and smoke, as well as kisses for Freya's cats - catnip and civit accord. Plus some metal for her mettle - because Freya is as comfortable cuddling a kitten as she is wielding a spear.





It's HOT out there! And here's a zingy scent that will kick up his temp even more! Stimulating Moroccan peppermint and sweet, creamy roses, folded into turbinado sugar and Tanzanian clove blossom. Fresh and feminine, with a intrigingly spicy edge.





There is an ancient Celtic concept which views rulers as deities incarnate. To rule, Kings had to have the approval of their Queen in order to be legitimate rulers. (If a Queen was stolen, the King lost his ability to rule until she was restored to him.) The King only ruled at the discretion of the Queen. This is symbolized by the King placing his feet in the lap of the Queen while dispensing his rulings, and by her permission only. Her agreement with his rulings was required, or considered false. Thus ensuring the balance of male and female energies required for just rule and balance of power.


This potion was crafted with this concept in mind. It is a power potion of the highest order - made to balance aggressive and receptive energies, male and female sensibilites; draws awe and respect, prosperity and power - but tempers this with wisdom, compassion and balance. Ingredients: Fig, Heather, Sunflower, Cedar, Ginger, Carnation, Lily, Amber, Frank & Mhyrr.

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Luscious French raspberries, drowning in chocolate and cream. Ooh la la! Absolutely da bomb! Thanks to Ail for the inspiration!

Raspberries ~ Love inducing, stamina, vigor.

Chocolate ~ Elevates emotions, evokes feelings of love.

Cream - Nurturing, soothing, Goddess energy.





The concept behind an immortality potion is not for the wearer to live forever, (though there are ingredients for the preservation of youthful beauty and allure within). No, it's for making a lasting impression on the world that outlives your personal lifetime. We do this by having children, by creating works of art and lasting monuments, and by our deeds. So, Immortal Beauty is a potion of fertility and creation, inspiration, courage, and determination. Contains fertility/sexuality and creativity encouraging fruits (plum, mango, melon, apple, neroli), osmanthus for preservation of beauty, happiness, stress reduction and rejuvenation; Egyptian immortality spices, and Moroccan arabica for focus, stamina and determination. Use this potion to make an everlasting impression on the world - and in that way, live forever.





Danna's modern interpretation of a time tested Voodoo sex potion that keeps 'em coming back for more. Bestows an irrisistable allure upon the wearer, arouses sexual desire, and inspires love. Notes of luxuriant orris, vanilla, peach blossom, lavender leaves and resin combine for a full-bodied, breathlessly seductive experience.




CFM - Pheromone Enhanced Perfume for Women

Includes *TAL* from Androtics

Androtics describes this pheromone blend as sexually commanding, akin to "Angelina Jolie in a bottle". We decided to have some fun with that and take it even further. We researched the notes that Ms. Jolie is known to favor, and crafted a fragrance that we think she'd really love, and hope you do too!


This scent has a lush side and a tough side; a mildly androgenous core, and a polished, sexy, silky exterior. Dry woods, deep resins, smokey vanilla, and a sugar dusted citrus outer glow. Strong and sexy, impossible to ignore, impossible to resist.


Offered in a 1/3 fl.oz, glass roll-on bottle for $29.95.




WOOD LAND MAN - Pheromone Enhanced Fragrance for Men

Includes *Turn Up The Heat* from Androtics

Androtics describes this pheromone blend as creating "a strong physical and sexual presence", used to melt resistance and move relationships forward to the sexual level. We've created a scent that compliments these qualities - that epitomizes the overtly physical man. A blend of earthy, resiny musks and a forest full of wild woods.

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So can I just email you with my order? :shocked: PEES... and carrots





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I don't want to take a chance of that puppy sitting in my mailbox at the PO, so I'm gonna wait and order next week......that way, it won't come until I get back from my trip to visit my family......SO, save me a monthly sampler! And, Mara.....I bet you can already GUESS which ones I'll probably be wanting a full bottle of......you know me too well.....

Edited by Dolly
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Gosh you ladies work so hard! I can't believe all you get done in a month!! Please tell me you have about 40 oompaloompas working for you!!! I wish I could give you a week at a spa or something. Do you EVER sleep??? I'm on the east coast and it seems like you're always up and working on my time too!!! Thank you so much for all you do and don't worry about being behind, I know no one here cares a lick(except when my addiction kicks in and I want to make you coffee and serve you Red bulls and junk food and play loud music and keep you up 24/7 until my order has beeen mailed.....I feel so dirty and ashamed....)

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Yup! But if you've noticed, the phero perfume vials are a tad smaller than the others. The regular ones hold 1.75 ml, while the phero ones hold 1.5 ml.


Sent you an add-to earlier today. Just want to make sure you got it:-) thanks,J

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I'm waiting patiently for my money fairy to arrive on Saturday. Oh boy when she comes I'm going to BUY,BUY,BUY. I want everything so of course I'll get the sampler and for sure a couple large bottles. The descriptions are great, especially "Something Voodoo This Way Comes" The name alone has gotten me really intriqued.

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