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Wonder Why Cops Don't Work for Me?

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The important thing WildAutumn is that you found something that works well for you with your husband and thats all that matters.... It is strange that you dont get positive reactions at all from copulins without added EST out and about on other people either. One friend of mine said he has sexual response to EST by itself and without the usual Testosterone boost GRRRRR, so at least your husband is a good EST responder. Guess the X-Men may come looking for you to join up.



Most educated, informed women are aware that men and women are wired differently, and datadragon, I really don't think, personally that we need a lecture on the science of erections.

Well if the subject came up, I'm confident I could rise to the occasion...
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In my happiest of dreams, anyway!


And in real life, we can be heroes.... me and you....




Live your life the way you want Copulin-X :)

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I do not do well with cops either ... but it's probably more to do with my partner. cops just tick him off. ha, that sounds funny out of context. Add est and it's instant fight. Oh my poor CB just sitting there not getting any love as hubby is not getting the message.

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