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Lovestruck's Honeyed Blackberries

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I can't believe that no one has posted a review of this beautiful PE yet! It's really nice! Spicy blackberries, two kinds of honey and an amber base. Very simple, not at all complex, but I really think that the simplicity is what makes this so pretty and sexy. ( my partner said it smelled nice and he does not typically comment on perfumes, so that is a testimony in and of itself ).

At first, I get the spices and the sweet berries, then, as it dries down, the spices worried me a bit as I tend to amp some of them, such as cinnamon, but they fade out after a bit and leave a luscious blackberry/honey combo. The amber is present, but on my skin, not obviously so, but it does lend some serious anchoring power to this blend. It has *very* impressive staying power! I applied it at night, went to bed, and could still smell it well into the morning and afternoon. I think it would have hung in there quite a while longer had I not showered.

If you love blackberries and you love honey with a subtle touch of spice, I highly recommend it. Don't be fooled by it having been overlooked! I think you will like this very much. A pretty "perfume song" and well played, Mara and Lovestruck! I'm quite happy with this. :purr:


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