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Group interview/networking event

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I know there are several threads about job interviews, but this is a bit different.

I am participating in a job "rush" event tomorrow alongside other candidates - some are my competitors, others are there for different job positions. It's an all day event, including networking, panel discussions with the hiring teams, and also, the trickiest part, a "creative challenge event". This is where I would have to work with the rest of the candidates, showing team spirit as well as leadership. You can imagine it's an uncomfortable situation, given that some of them are competing with me for the same job.

After all of this, we are all going to dinner, so more networking.


What do you recommend I wear tomorrow, in terms of pheros and spell potions?

I was thinking: OW or Treasured Hearts, with either Hex deflector, Communication Potion, Persuasion Potion or Liquid Mercury.


Also, on Friday I have my interview, by myself, with the hiring panel (I know several of them). I will be giving a presentation. I'm thinking SWS with Shut Up and Get a Job, or with Persuasion Potion. Thoughts?



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Cannot say about the female potions but good luck!


I always like SWS & Shut Up & Get A Job if that helps.

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That's what I am thinking. SWS, Leather whatever works for you. If there's a social aspect, at the right time, you could add just a little spritz of Topper. Or if this is a "I have to seriously stick out of the crowd" type thing, what about something like "Starpower"?

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Hi folks, thank you!

The first part of the collective interview is over. It went well! I wore OW with Persuasion potion, and the feedback was that my particular team worked really well together and had great energy.

Off to dinner tonight - more OW plus Topper.


Tomorrow is the individual interview, so I'm thinking SWS + Shut Up and Get a Job... or Persuasion potion :)

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