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I am a first time poster. First time buying from Love Potion. AND, yesterday was the first time I wore my blend. I bought Perfect Match because my relationship of many many years has been very hard lately...frustrating, annoying, and the bond seems to be fading. I was hoping that this blend would not only make us be more connected and empathetic to each other, and make me feel a little sexier and hopefully feel wanted again. I went from a girl 8 years ago who had crazy confidence and guys flocking at my feet to someone who feels bad about herself. I have been working very hard on myself for the past year and I thought Perfect Match might help me and maybe the relationship. Yesterday we had to spend most of the day together and it was actually very pleasant, borderline fun. As soon as the package came, I put the blend on right away, about a half an hour later, he was home. There was no fighting, or disagreeing. The communication seemed better and easier and he was very helpful to me when we got home, doing things around the house. I cannot complain about any of this. I am now looking for another blend through Love Potion. I think this stuff could really help improve my life. I am open to any suggestions. I am new to this sight so just learning how to navigate my way around, but plan on reading other people's reviews to help with my decision. Thanks Love Potion! So glad I found this sight!!!

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Welcome to the forum!


I think PM is a great phero for the purpose of smoothing things in your relationship. Pheros certainly don't work magic, though I've found them instrumental in helping my own relationship through a few hiccups here and there. Other blends you might want to try are some more bonding blends - Heart and Soul is lovely, as are BAM, Cuddle Bunny and Sexology, though these 3 definitely have a decidedly sexual edge to them. Gotcha is really nice, too. Treasured Hearts, too, is nice, though it might not be the first one I'd use.


I've used Empathy Potion a few times when I just couldn't seem to get my point across when something really upset me, and it worked wonders. I find it really potent, so I generally save it for times when I really feel helpless. It's kind of my last resort phero, the one I pull out when I need to get out the big guns.


In terms of boosting your own self confidence, I think phero use is great. In fact, in some ways I think that's really where they're most useful. There's something empowering in simply knowing that you have a "secret weapon". But when you begin to get a feel for how they work for you, specifically, that's when it gets really awesome, as you can use them to augment an already good mood, or boost a crappy one, or even inspire a feeling in yourself that you just don't give a f*ck and too bad if anyone else does. My confidence has increased immeasurably since I started using pheros, but most especially since I started using them for myself. My favorite confidence boosting pheros are Super Sexy for Women, Open Windows and LFN, in no particular order. A lot of others here would probably place their votes on Leather, LFM, and probably Dominance and Blatant Invitation as well. Cougar, too, would get quite a few hearty votes as well, I'm sure. And now that I'm thinking about it, I quite like the boost I get from it, now that I've figured out the right dose!


The best way to figure out which ones work well for you is to sample, sample and sample some more. Take advantage of the scented phero samples to try a wide variety of blends. Take note of how they make you feel, and whether or not they seem to be affecting those around you, and how. You may need to play around with dosage sometimes, but it's easy to get the hang of, and best of all, it's kind of a riot once you do! ;)


Good luck and HAVE FUN!

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Welcome to the forum, Earthgal. As a phero-user still trying to find her feet, I can't offer you any advice. However, the lovely Eggers has given some amazing words of guidance, which has helped me also (Thank you, Eggers!!)


Good luck!

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You bumped onto my decidedly favorite bonding phero - PM is the BOMB! With and without cops ^_^


I can't think of a thing to add that Egger hasn't covered :lol: I'd be in the selfie boat for LFM, Dominance, Open Windows, Cougar and Blatant Invitation for confidence boosting - OH and Audacious too...for me that falls under the, "inspire a feeling in yourself that you just don't give a f*ck and too bad if anyone else does." LOL But in a really good way, not a "going to pick a fight" way :D


I've had great luck with H&S, Gotcha! and CB too - as mentioned above. There are SO many possibilities! I'm sure this will keep you busy for sure!


Happy hunting and best of luck! :heart:

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