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New Releases for APRIL 2016! and PE's too!

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NRs will be up and orderable at the beginning of next week, more info to come soon but we are crazed planning the NR Party at the Perfumerie on Friday night. Will get more info up as soon as I can, and I hope to see the locals at the party - it's gonna be great! :D


:star: :star: :star:


Our First Friday Party is ON for tomorrow night! 5-9 pm at Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie in Downtown Vancouver. Debuting our stellar New Releases for April, plus out of this world libations and sweets, and freebies to take home too. Come join us, it's gonna be cosmic!


Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

703 Main St, Vancouver WA 98660

5-9 pm


:star: :star: :star:

























Private Editions:



Lisa's Outback

A gift for Lisa, who has happy memories of her time in the Australian Outback and wished to have an olfactory reminder of an aroma she loved: that of burning dried shrubs and grasses. This is a dry, smokey nature scent comprised of sandalwood, indian paintbrush, dried eucalyptus, dry sage, smoke, and lemongrass. A beautiful unisex scent.

9 bottles available

(Blackcat, EOSP,



Bella Donna

A sweet spiced chocolate for the beautiful Donna, crafted of milk chocolate, a non-foody vanilla, pink and green peppercorns and white amber in the base.

5/9 bottles available

(JLisa x2, Maililyahn, CinnMel



PE Rebrews:



Mark's Pepperwood

A request for an oldie but goodie, Mark's blends have quite the devoted following! This one is all woody goodness and a hint of spice. Smooth sandalwood, vetiver, and black and green pepper EOs.

3 bottles Available




GypsiMoon's Bohemian Beauty

A requested rebrew of a treasure that went by way too fast. Christine asked for: Sweet Sandlewood,Creamy coconut,vanilla bean,white chocolate, in smelling order,lol :) blissfully happy,glowing beauty,healing,romantic and universal love,uninhibited

16/18 bottles available

(CuriousNose, CinnMel


This months PE Trial Pack includes 5 Itties (the 5th is Virgin Dirty Old Man - OMG, that sounds funny :lol: ) The packs are $5 each. You can ask for an invoice or use the Gift Cert purchase for $5 and specify that it is for this item. Thanks!

11/16 PE Trial Packs available

(JLisa, EOSP, Tyvey, Lainey, Bella




“Bella Donnas and Boastful Blokes”: a Savannah Finch mystery

by Julian Lune

Armand Pepperwood was an impressive figure of a man: large, florid, distinguished and graying but well-dressed and a bit damp. He sipped lemonade which I figured might be spiked, as his face became more flushed as he worked his way to the bottom of his tall sweating glass.

“My daughter Lisa is not a flighty sort of girl, you know,” he informed me. I sipped my own - undoctored - lemonade and considered this declaration.

“You said she’s a regular at the Bohemian Beauty?”

“She was working there before she disappeared, yes.”

“People who work there have been to known to find themselves in - how can I say this - strange situations from time-to-time.”

His eyes narrowed and he set down his glass with a sharp rap upon the heavy wooden table. Looking out across the wide garden behind us, I thought that it was entirely too nice a day to be yelled at by anybody, though I certainly understood his concern. But parents tended to think either too well, or too poorly, of their progeny. My mother, for example - rest her soul - had altogether too high an opinion of my actual wayward self.

“Miz Finch,” he said, his native accent creeping out around his frustration, “that is precisely why I sought your assistance! And your retainer ain’t cheap, I must say.”

“I’d be happy to give it back if you’re not happy with my line of inquiry.”

He mopped his brow with a lace-trimmed handkerchief and smiled ruefully, smoothing his graying mustache. “I apologize for my outburst, but you must understand, I am worried, and confused, because my daughter would never -”

- truck with demonflesh? I thought. Yeah, it’s every parent’s nightmare. That is, if Lisa had indeed succumbed to such a thing. The proximity of that particular shop to the center of demonic activity in the Crescent City was - if nothing else - unfortunate for young girls brought up in good homes, who debuted during Carnival season and were in church every Sunday. When the worst you normally tended to worry about was a kegger at Tulane, well, this was serious.

And didn’t I know it.

“Mr. Pepperwood, I need to ask if Lisa has any particular, uh, proclivities. Unusual interests?”

“Australia. Girl has been mad about Down Under as long as I can remember. Wanted me to get her a platypus, for heaven’s sake!”

“Are you saying you think she ran off to Australia?”

“No she couldn’t have, her passport is still in our safety deposit box at the Whitney.”

“And what’s the next best thing,” I murmured to myself. “Hmmm.”

Mr. Pepperwood showed me Lisa’s room and it certainly supported what he told me: the walls were covered with travel posters of Sydney and Ayers Rock, plus images of koalas and kangas and a beautiful stretch of beach labeled as Cape Tribulation, plus a national flag which took up one entire wall.

“Fair dinkum!” I exclaimed, and then immediately wondered if that was in bad taste.

“To be sure,” he intoned, laying on the Southern stentorian inflection again, making me think of Gregory Peck, but with a mustache. “You ask me, a continent-sized desert in the middle of nothing but hundreds of miles of ocean with many of the deadliest insects and reptiles in the world is not my idea of a desired destination, but bless her heart it takes all kinds, does it not?”

“Yassir,” I said, “it certainly does.”

Armand Pepperwood sighed and I noticed he even smelled like a Southern gentleman: kind of spicy and kind of like a fancy office, polished wood and expensive aftershave. I couldn’t figure out what could have possibly lured Lisa away from her life of privilege and doting sugar daddy, but then again, if it was a strange situation, then anything was possible.

Speaking of strange situations, after chasing away the high school girls who were hanging around Mrs. Piedmont’s Buick - our ride for the day - I gave Bast yet another lecture about flirting with everyone who happened to wander by and then we were off to find a po’boy. A theory was forming but it wasn’t going to get far on an empty stomach.

“So Lisa has an Oz fetish,” I told him, “and she worked at the Bohemian Beauty.”

“Damn,” Bast said, supine in his seat with eyes closed. “I can’t go in there anymore, I nearly caused a riot the last time.”

Sebastian Flambe had a habit of causing trouble, but then again he couldn’t help it, as the offspring of a magus and a succubus, he was irresistible without even trying.

“So I’m thinking maybe she ran off with some exchange student, but she’s a good girl.”

“Hormones. You people always make the worst decisions under the influence of hormones.”

“Excuse me, you are half-human -”


“ - so just quit it. But it must have been some powerful mojo either way.”

“They say girls can never resist a man with an Aussie accent.”

“It’s sexy, yeah, but -”

“Yes?” The word drawn out more than was necessary, nearly obscene.

“Shut up.”

I looked over at him. His eyes were still closed, but he was smirking.



One-and-a-half oyster po’boys later, I managed to find a parking spot in front of GypsiMoon’s Bohemian Beauty, a one-stop glamour emporium. They had everything to make you beautiful: couture, jewelry, cosmetics, beauty and spa services, and a special room in the back for magical consultations. Females from every class and station were known to frequent the place, so I had to wonder why I found parking so easily. I had sent Bast off to the Pearl and a few other haunts to make inquiries. He had clucked and cooed over the photo of Lisa I’d shown him.

“So lovely, I can see why they’d want her pressing the flesh at the BB.”

And she was. Even pretty girls can have problems landing that big fish sometimes.

But a good parking spot in this town is always an portent of...something.

The place had only been open within the last year, just appearing one day as demonically-owned businesses tended to do, because human-owned enterprise took considerably longer to negotiate the red tape and timetable of the Planning Commission. If it had been around when I was Lisa’s age, well, I might have come to ruin that much sooner.

It smelled amazing inside...like sweet sexy creamy suntan lotion, or a frothy drink, or - well, if you had the softest sexiest skin and no one could resist taking a whiff before stroking your arm and come to think of it, Bast kinda smelled like this and -

Whoa. I needed to focus.

The proprietor was upon me before I could blink: lithe and long-haired, fox-faced and yet something lush and lascivious about her.

“Gods below, is that you, Bella Donna?!”

A smirk. Demons just love to smirk.

“Savannah Delilah as I live and breathe.”


“Now, now. Word on the street is you’ve forsworn your pleasure of choice? And yet you continue to keep company with Sebastian, prettiest by-blow who ever walked among the humans.”

The resentment dripping from that word could have filled a hurricane glass, I reckon.

“His dad has commanded me to babysit him. I’m pretty sure you’re aware of that as well.”

She laughed merrily. “Naturally, darling, What brings you to my palace of perfection?”

She smelled like candy and flowers and something hot underneath. It was incredibly sexy, and I usually don’t lean that way, But succubi are...well...tempting, you know? I swallowed heavily and showed her Lisa’s photo. “Your employee has gone missing. I don’t imagine you’d know anything about that?”

She made a tut-tut sound. “These girls, so flighty.”

“But that’s just it, Bella, Lisa is not a flighty sort of girl. She wouldn’t just run away with any old incubus who happened to catch her eye.”

“I imagine your dear departed mother thought the same of you, eh?”

I took a step back, enraged. “Don’t you DARE bring my mother into this!”

“My word, so touchy aren’t you? As you well know, Savannah, girls are always apt to meet interesting -”

“- demons -”

“- personages within these premises. And some of those introductions may result in rash decisions. But I cannot be held responsible for any of this!”

“Lisa’s father is a man of influence. I could introduce him to certain...personages and I’m sure they’d be happy to help him look into what it is you’re really doing here.”

Bella Donna threw up her hands, sighing dramatically. “By the pantheon, Savannah Finch, you are a pain in my infernal backside!”

It was my turn to smirk. “Yeah, I have that talent.”

“The girl kept yammering on about wanting to go to Australia so I sent her there, along with a certain companion of my acquaintance who can mimic that accent they all love so much. She might get sick of him quick, though, he brags constantly.”

I was shocked. “Really? You gave her a vacation? Just to be nice?”

Bella Donna crossed her arms and gave me a You’re kidding, right? kind of look. “It was rather an impulsive action, I’ll admit."

“So can you bring her back?”

“Well if I could do that then believe me I would have. She’s the only one who knows how to work the cash register!”

I couldn’t help it, I found myself laughing. Poor Lisa but...well, wherever she was, I hoped she was having a good time. But demons, I swear - they love money, but they’re clueless when it comes to modern retail...

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I LOVE THE NAMES. And a rebrew of Pepperwood Too? I may swoon.

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The labels are awesome. Love the space photos. Can't wait for notes. Another NEW too! :)

Edited by StacyK
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OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! Mara, names and labels are spectacular!


Outback and Bella Donna both sound enticing and I'm dying to know notes for those as well...


And a rebrew of Bohemian Beauty! Uh-oh!

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Ahem well *someone* may have to drag her daughter to the New Release Partay !!!


Edited to add : HOLY COW love the labels. As someone whose vision is not that great, fine detail is often lost on me and such bold schemes work great for me.

Edited by androstenol
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Yes - deep space photos are always beautiful and amazing and these certainly are! Plus Pepperwood - one of the "oldies" I never got to try. Nice!

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Our First Friday Party is ON for tomorrow night! 5-9 pm at Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie in Downtown Vancouver. Debuting our stellar New Releases for April, plus out of this world libations and sweets, and freebies to take home too. Come join us, it's gonna be cosmic!


Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

703 Main St, Vancouver WA 98660

5-9 pm

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Man, I had some tough choices at the New Release party. But Electric Heart just reached out to me and wouldn't let go. It's intense, I've renamed it "Electric Heat' in my mind. Got Elera which is softer and more feminine, and the hedione in Mystic Mountain is to die for. And then I had to have Time Turner because it smells unisexy and has an ingredient I can't place and I just love to keep my nose interested like that sometimes. A very different scent. Bravo, LPMP team, if only I could afford the whole set :Emoticons04235:

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So happy you made it down tonight, Androstenol, and you got to meet Storemywhether!!! Yay that you were both there at the same time! Crazy blast of a party!


Some pix from our evening....and the star of the show...



Intergalactic Cosmic Punch

I'm not sure I'll be able to top this one, it came out incredible. Sooo beautiful. Ingredients are Lemonade, Pineapple and Guava with lemonade being about 2/3rds cuz you want the drink to be pale so it will turn nice and blue when you wave your wand over it...and add the Blue Curacoa...plus lots of vodka and white rum. That's sliced starfruit and blueberries acting as our heavenly bodies. Jessica and I were really pleased with how this came out and our guests loved it!
I called 4 markets looking for starfruit, only one had it, and we bought them out. The last of the season. If we were foiled in our search for starfruit, we were gonna use green apples and cut them into stars.





The crowns have been such a blast for everyone, I'm so happy I got them.. I've gotten a bunch of cute wigs too, they're supposed to be for wig heads for displaying the crowns but we've been playing with them instead.









And man, the place was packed all night long. Lookitallthepeeeeeple! Jessica snapped these pix, I hardly had time to breathe. We didn't end up closing until 10:30!










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That is fantastic!!! One day I'm going to make it there for a NR party!

AND the new releases theme, names, and pics are brilliant! I'm obsessed with the sky, stars, space... my point is that I LOVE THIS THEME! Now I'm saving up for my next order later this month.

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Where are the locals and visitors? You know who you are!

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Awww, John John and Jezzie look soooooo cuuuuuute! :D

That's our friend Mai...she found us early and likes to dress up and help us hand out the party favors. She's so cute, she's our little pixie girl. Minus the wig she's got short cropped red hair and is of elvish descent.

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And a branch on the East coast.


...but we would have to clone Mara and Le Wizard or it wouldn't be the same.

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