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Bella Donna


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A sweet spiced chocolate for the beautiful Donna, crafted of milk chocolate, a non-foody vanilla, pink and green peppercorns and white amber in the base.

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The peppercorns make this one interesting - they're not so much piquant to my nose as just rather sparkly/tangy, which is unique. I had thought this might remind me a bit of Arcana's Velvet Underpinnings, but overall it has a soft sort of airy undertone to it, not weighty at all. I think the white amber makes it more sheer than I expected.

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Wow. . .not at all what I expected. I expected more of a Bohemian Beauty type of vibe with pepper.


Luna's comment of sparkly tangy is spot on. I smell a tangy almost citrus or ginger type of bite. At first I thought it was a watery cinnamon but it doesn't have that deep note. No chocolate whatsoever in the first few minutes, but I do get vanilla. And it is really light on me. . Luna's "sheer" comment is also spot on. After a few minutes, I get just a whiff of a white chocolate but then I think it is vanilla. . the two are not very distinct. I am not getting amber, but I am not very familiar with white amber at all so it is probably there and I can't identify it.


It's definitely foody on me, for sure. But that tang gives me a cocktail feel vs. a food or dessert vibe. I can tell this isn't going to stick on my body because I heat up scents so quickly.


Here's another thing. . if I hold my hand 6 inches away, I smell the white chocolate and amber and little else. So interesting that the up close scent and the smell a bit away are very different on me.


I really like this.

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I get the sparkly/tangy, too! I've only worn this once so far, and it was in my mad orgy of testing too many scents at once. Heh. My skin can turn some chocolates into hazmat, but this one comes out yummy, and actually reads as darker chocolate. Wearing Bella Donna on my upper arm, she smells like chocolate orange candies, and it's in a sophisticated way, if that makes sense. I'm thinking it's the white amber that makes her feel like dark chocolate covered orange gels at an upscale party. :cheers04251: Quite nommy!

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