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They have the same ingredients, but were made by two different entities.


For a few years we could not get the original (Girl/Girl), so we commissioned a copy (G2) and we shared the ingredient list of the original with this second lab - but not the proportions. They made their own recipe.


When the original became available again, we jumped at the chance to get it back. So currently we have both. Eventually our supply of G2 will sell out and we'll be back to Girl/Girl only.


They are both very good. I haven't heard anyone too strongly prefer one over the other, that I can recall. If you are trying to decide if you need both, probably not. Just think of it as a different source, for largely the same thing.

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Would this particular pheromone be considered okay to wear in social/work situations?


Yes, I had good results with Bosom Bows...... with females in work situations.

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Ok I've been a greedy bitch. I didnt answer this because I was trying to stock up on G2.


For me, its not even a close competition.

G2 is the one!

No comparison. While I get a bit of a lift from G/G its has never ever done much for me. No grand hits. No subtle ones either.

But, G2 had led to many a fun & bondy GNO's,family outings & tamed the teenaged beast.

I hope Mara has the recipe and I can Mad Scientist G2 in the future.

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