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Tiny's Festival Fancy


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Tiny5000 has summer on her mind - she wanted to evoke the feeling of humid summer air, good times, and illicit substances on the breeze. Together we came up with a blend of peppercorn and thyme, pipe tobacco and incensey black musk, rounded out with the aromas of green grass and a smidge of aged patchouli. A recipe for astral travel, maybe time travel too!

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This is really interesting...I thought it would be super dank on me at first, but the thyme combined with the grass accord is clean - like soapy-clean - at first. Then it slowly becomes that particular atmosphere, and it does remind me of being in the lot at a Phish show, much like Bacchanalia did. Over time I get more of the black musk and patchouli and it's a nice sort of boho vibe - a guy could definitely wear this and I'd say it's not too illicit, it just does that retro thing, like Somebody To Love.


Definitely time travel! :peace-sign:

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Thank you soooooo much for this. I have to say it wasn't quite what I was expecting but that isn't a bad thing.


To start with I got what seemed like citrus of some kind. However it quickly morphed into thyme and pipe tobacco. It certainly does have a retro vibe like Luna said but not old fashioned, if that makes sense. I love it!

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