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Tyvey's Banana Positions


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Tyvey's re-imagining of Compromising Positions with banana on top! Super creamy vanillas and chewy aged patchouli, gently spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, with a delicious helping of caramelized banana.

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Mmmmm! This morphs delightfully from bottle through drydown. It's a rollicking journey. In the bottle I smelled nothing but banana Runts and I admit I thought "oh dear" as I don't like those :D but this is one of those that smells completely different on. I did an extravagant slather. Wet, I got the recognizable compromising positions (if I had to look for differences, I'd say the patch seemed a bit lighter and more peppery), but also a mashed, BRIGHT yellow, spotlessly perfectly ripe banana, separate from the compromising positions - not swirled together but next to it and like holding hands :) of course this may have been because I KNOW compromising positions- someone who didn't, probably wouldn't perceive it as distinct that way.


After an hour or so the banana receded but kept shining a waning bright creamy yellow light over everything. At this stage, without being told, I think most people wouldn't pick up the banana as itself. The patch also started backing off at this point, so it started turning into a very creamy, lightly spiced pudding with some sunny fruitiness.


Later into drydown now (not quite 3 hours after applying), it's very slightly banana tinted, marshmallow pudding. The patch is giving it depth without being recognizable as itself. It's inexplicably cheerful.


It's hot and humid here so I think it morphed and burned off faster than normal. This is so summery to me - it's a banana slice-topped vanilla ice cream cone at the state fair. Gonna slather the crap out of it all summer. Thank you for the nom Mara as always!! - and for the delightful surprise extras!!

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This starts out as intense candied banana on me but after about 10 minutes I get more of the Comp P aura with sort of a banana overlay, which is interesting. The bit of spiciness I get is nice as well, it may be intensified (to my nose) by the banana.


The banana completely fades on me after about an hour.

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