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Private Editions for JULY 2016

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Hi Mara. :)

Reckon I could have an Anita's Harlequin? It sounds incredible, like a real perfume lovers perfume...Vintage, like. :D

I get my big check on the 30th, and I can place my order on the 31st. Is that cool with you?


ETA: Is it cannabis crazy? Hoping not. Everything else in it sounds wonderful, but I'm not too sure about that..

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I would like to reserve a virgin Sneaky Clean. I would like to reserve some Betsy's Apple, but I don't know how many we are allowed to request. Is there a limit (I was wanting to reserve 3 if possible)? :)

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I am going to skip the Itty sets this month, as there's really only 2 PEs.


Some of you will be getting trail sizes of Betsy's Apple as I am giving away a dozen goodie bags from our July party. We'll pick those winners today.




VIRGIN Sneaky Clean

Same label, just with a VIRGIN sticker on the cap.

11/24 bottles available

(Hearts, CC, Stacy, Bella, Vladmyra x3, CURoses, Birkeys, Melanie, WittyKitty x3




Betsy's Apple

I made a Limited Ed just for July 4th called Betsy's Apple (named after the fictional creator of our flag, lol.) - crafted of red and green apples and sweetened with cotton candy and berry sugars, with a splash of tart lemon on top and a dollop of amber in the base. It's a fresh and fun summer candy apple scent. Yummy! I made perfume, soap and scrubs out of it!

1/11 bottles

(SirenSong, Luna, Cherise, CURoses, Halo, Invi, Birkeys x3. Blanche




Anita's Harlequin

A fascinating blend for a woman of power...crafted of antique rose, chypre, spikenard and cannabis. It's classic and olde fashioned, lush, and the kind of thing you could imagine would have been worn by a grande dame who was very assured of her worth.

4 bottles





Trina's Summer Sky

Trina is summoning a beautiful memory of lying in a summer field strewn with clover and wildflowers, sipping flower nectar and staring at the clouds! Her words were so lovely, I hope I came close with this ode! The scent of wildflowers and fresh greenery, clover tea and flower honeys, all resting on a pillowy base of sweet white musk (the same musk that's in LVs Sweet Pussycat, per Trina's request.). Lovely lovely lovely scent.

8 bottles available (maybe a couple more)

(Hearts, Vladmyra, ChrissyRez, Blackcat, Tink, Invi

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Are there still full bottles of Betsy's Apple available? I'd like to get one for my bride if there is.

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Whoohoo! She loved the scent and deserves something awesome like that.

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Whoo Hoo! It's so good, right Snoop?


Oh man, it smells awesome! My bride loved it and said it made her feel happy just smelling it. Both Captain Awesome and me thought it smelled like apples sitting next to cotton candy. Just a really happy and fun scent.

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I saw 3 at the shop the other day, yes. :)

I apologize, I don't remember how this works, can you invoice me for a bottle of this? Thanks!

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