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SEPTEMBER - Party at the Perfumerie!

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You don't want to miss our New Release Party this Friday! We are hosting a CARNIVAL in our shop - complete with cotton candy and popcorn being made on the spot, games and prizes and even fishies in bags! All this to celebrate our Limited Edition fragrance set for Fall - our Carnival Collection! Come on down and join the fun! :D
Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie
703 Main St, Vancouver WA 98660
Friday Sept 2nd
5-9 pm

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Ohh goosebumps!!!! These are going to be awesome!!! I so wish I could hop on a plane and go to the release parties.

I swear I'm buying an RV one day.

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It's going to be everything you love about carnivals...some really cute things, some yummy, and all of it fun!


Pennywise the Clown & The Lost Boys haha?!?! :lol:

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Creepy Carnival Scents! That would be incredible! Every year a carnival company rents our land and has an old fashioned small town carnival. This year I'm sneaking my girls on the Merry Go Round at dawn and doing a photoshoot!

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I'm excited for LP new releases, like always, but I cannot even begin to wrap my brain around the idea of carnival scents. I can't wait to see these. I just keep going to American Horror Story season 4 was it? I couldn't get through that season. That clown. Completely terrifying!

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This isn't a creepy/scary theme, though, The Halloween collection will be spooky, but this is old-fashioned Fall Carnival fun.

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The party went over AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so happy about that! I LOVE CARNIVALS! Everyone really had a great time, including us. We had little wee kids all the way up to grammies and grampies, and multiple people said they had looked forward to it for weeks!!!!! One family - omg, the most adorable family ever - we met them a few weeks ago at the shop - they just relocated here - and the littlest one, it was her 5th birthday tonight, and this is where she wanted to go. Heart. Melt. I have so much fun with this kid because we do little tricks of funny magic here just to show peeps we are REAL WIZARDS AND WITCHES :lol: and this little girl is just stunned and amazed by it all. SO FREAKIN' CUTE!


Of course, when it gets totally packed, we get too busy to snap pix, so you can't see how really crazy it got tonight, but it was wonderful. Everyone was overwhelmed and appreciative of the event, and we all had a marvelous time. The Vancouver Downtown Business Association even sent us a thank you for throwing unique events in the district and included us on their walking map of special events for the month..






Mae worked the Ticket Booth, dressed as a Gypsy. What a cutie beauty, inside and out. She's more than a little Fae. Magic in this one for sure. Her treasure chest is filled with Pirate Coins and each attraction or food item costs one coin, except drinks which were free all night. We gave a few coins to everyone who entered, and if they wanted more, we charged them $5 for 10 coins.



We had five games, each with unique prizes. John ran three of them from one long table. LOOK HOW CUTE HE DRESSED UP FOR THE OCCASION! Adorable. He also programmed the music for the evening and did a fantastic job. We blasted exciting rock music, 50's-70's mostly, brought in extra speakers just for this and I think we'll keep them here, it was awesome. We gave away full bottles of perfume as GRAND PRIZES, and lots and lots of little toys and stuffed animals, and jewelry too.







John magically levitating rings. ;)


Behind John was the FOOD booth, run stunningly well by Alexis and Cinnamon. We had originally planned to have each food in a different place around the store, but then we realized we needed it all in one spot because of the socket placement, so Alexis and Cinnamon ended up having the most difficult job of the night keeping hot dogs rolling, popcorn popping and cotton candy spinning all at once. Truly, it was insane. And on top of that, we blew a fuse as soon as we tried to light it all up at once so Izzy had to run to 3 different stores to get us back up again - luckily that part happened before the event started, but what a drama! I tell him he needs his own reality show called "Izzy Does It" because he is the problem solver of the universe.


We only unpacked our brand new popcorn popper, hot dog roller, steam trays and cotton candy machine YESTERDAY. We bought everything because renting would have been half the price of buying, so - you use it twice, it's more logical to buy. New respect. This is not easy. The co who we bought the cotton candy and popcorn machine didn't include ANY instructions or paperwork on how to put them together or operate them! John looked up utube vids to assemble the popcorn machine, not intuitive, let me tell you, and I am a champ at constructing furniture and such, but the CC machine - we couldn't find a vid or manual anywhere. We finally worked out how the popcorn machine worked, but the CC machine, we all tried our hand at spinning that sugary goodness onto sticks and only Cinnamon mastered it during the evening. I'm gonna keep practicing, I am determined to nail this. Most of our attempts ranged from pitiful to scary to Trump's hairdo.


This is Cinnamon making good ones....









Alexis is pissed, because SHE wanted to run the CC machine - reserved her spot weeks ago, but sadly, was not very good at it. :lol:


Finally, at the end of the night, Alexis nailed it....look how proud.





Really good popcorn, come get some!



Ok, so I don't know if these hot dogs were exceptionally good or if hot dogs have always been good but I just didn't know. The thought of them scares me so I have rarely eaten one, but damn, these were GOOOOOD!



To the right from there, The Bar.

Jessica worked this fabulously well this evening. We did an easy punch because we knew it would be crazy.

6 gallons of Raspberry Lemonade,.3 pounds of blueberries, 20 pounds of ice, and nearly 3 gallons of BOOZE were happily consumed this evening.



Bet your tongue is blue!



I stationed myself at the front counter with the New Releases.

The big hits of the evening were:

#1 LP Carnival

#2 Medium

#3 Vardo

Honorable mention for Fair Ground... and Sweet!...oh, and Goldfish too.


To my left, the adorable Jesse with the Bean Bag Booth...(why did no one tell me I put the wrong sign on that booth? I didn't know until I saw these pictures, which were taken by our friend Marc.) Anyway, VERY popular booth because EVERYONE loves bubbles, right? Prizes were Bubble Wands - around 8 inches long, and Bubble Swords - around 2 feet long. People came back and back trying to win those swords!






And then, Jennifer, The Good Fairy, luring children to the Duck Pond with bubbles. She SAYS she's a good fairy anyway, but just look at the knowing smile....




The bubbles lure you to the ducks...match a pair, win a prize!


Jennifer's prizes were all aquatic, she gave away funny rubber duckies, squirty animals and Fortune Fish.


~ AND ~


Did I not promise you GOLDFISH IN A BAG!


It's SOAP!

bwahahahaha! Cute, right?



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Amazing pictures!! It looks like a very special evening of fun!!

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OMG!! Everything looked fabulous!! The goldfish soap in a bag was genius, I have to say!!! Well done, Mara!!! :)

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It looks fantastic - you put so much effort into each month I am glad the VDBA recognized you! But I am especially glad that locals appreciate your shop.

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Oh wow! What an amazing party! I can't believe how much effort you guys put into this. Incredible. Really incredible. I'm so glad that things are going so beautifully for you with the shop. How could it go any other way when you're putting in such an amazing amount of thought, ingenuity and effort into it. Not to mention all the fun you're injecting into the neighbourhood! I'm so happy for you! So disappointed that I had to miss this - stupid non-existent teleporters! :lol: Congratulations!

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Oh Mara that looks like a wonderful party. What fun. You have really perfected these events. Looks like a great night. :)


Those goldfish soaps! Inspired.


Lol. I know Blackcat... But, what a wonderful trip it would be!

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How could it go any other way when you're putting in such an amazing amount of thought, ingenuity and effort into it. Not to mention all the fun you're injecting into the neighbourhood!

IKR?! Mara was born to add a little magic to everyone's lives.

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