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Private Editions for SEPTEMBER 2016

Potion Master

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We've got EIGHT fabulous creations this month, peeps! :D



Victoria's Masked Woman

Victoria asked for a "pink" version of our long sold-out Masked Man fragrance, so I started with a similar base to that and added sweet ingredients on top. A foundation of tonka, vetiver, smooth white amber and a smidge of leather and oakmoss, with sweet musky vanilla, fairy floss sugars and marshmallow fluff on top.

9 bottles available

(Hearts, JLisa, SeaJam, MDCherie, Bella, Lovestruck, ChrissyRez, Eggers, Invi)

Alt: Birkeys, WildVixen



Seon's Cold Weather Cozy

Spiced mahogany and crisp fallen leaves form a comforting layer beneath the scent of sweet roasting chestnuts and woodsmoke on the Autumn air....

7 bottles available

(Invi, JimV, Tyvey



Witty Kitty's Silk & Leather

Silky, creamy ylang ylang over non-foody powdery vanilla and soft white musk with a dot of black leather in the base.

4 bottles available

(Invi, JLisa



Rik's Southern Lights

An unusual combo that smells delightful! Blood orange and violet blossoms, folded into creamy marshmallow fluff with a smidge of dark amber in the base.

There's one issue with this one though - it refuses to blend and must be shaken. It's the combo of citrus and marshmallow that does it, I tried it with 2 different marshmallow sources and it did the same thing. Making it a spray would solve that issue if you mind it, but try not to mind it because it smells wonderful!

9 bottles available

(ChrissyRez, Invi



Melissa's Plumage

Crafted of sweet syrupy plums, blended with peppery flowers of carnation and neroli, with dashes of thick patchouli and black tea in the base.

3 Bottles Available



Melissa's Baby Doll

Melissa's sweetly pink creation consists of creamy cakey vanilla smothered in blackberries, with smooth white amber in the base.

3 Bottles Available

(ChrissyRez, Invi,



Lisa's Creamy Ylang

The rich scent of whipped cocoa butter - accentuated with a dash of coconut cream - swirled together with creamy ylang ylang blossoms and dusted with powedery myrrh and white amber.

3 bottles available

(StacyK, WittyKitty, SeaJam)



Lina's Latte

A blend of rich coffee oils swirled with caramel and topped with whipped cream, and sprinkled with gingerbread spices on top! Oh, there's a little marshmallow in there too. YUM!

12 bottles available

(SeaJam, Invi, Tyvey



Itty Sets are $9 this month

***Please make sure to order this along with something else to ship with. In Amazon terms, this is an ADD-ON ITEM. Thank you.

16 Itty Sets Available

(Blackcat, Birkeys, SeaJam, PrincessOP, Bella, IndiAna, Chelle, Lainey, WildVixen


Also want to note that I made another round of LadyV's Sweet Pussy which is on Etsy.


And I also made a "functional" blend for some customers at the store which worked out quite well. I have none left of the original brew but can make more if anyone wants some. I was asked for a blend of essential oils to keep mosquitoes away from a party of campers. I used Lavender, Tea Tree and Citronella, and after the camping trip they called me to report back...the lady who commissioned the bottles said it worked amazingly well. I asked her how she knew that there just weren't any mosquitoes, and she said because the one person who refused it got bitten all over, and that she had gotten one bite on the small of her back where none had been applied, and no one else got bitten. Pretty good!


1/6th oz bottles - $12 each.

(Blackcat, SeaJam, StacyK, Lainey

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Omg I'm soooo excited for Masked Woman! I fell in love with Masked Man way back in the day and have been hoarding my bottles forever! I love wearing Masked Man when I feel like my confidence is fading if that makes any sense. I'd like to reserve one more please of Masked Woman! Can't wait to sniff this beauty!

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It sounds so naughty....Lisa's Creamy Ylang...(giggle like a 12 year old and leaves room blushing).

it really does. Like a little naughty nick name ;)

I can't wait to try it. I love every note. I was happily suprised to see Myrrh listed in the mix.

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