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New Releases for OCTOBER 2016!

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Let me tell you, it's so much better being in a band than being a solo artist. 13 Potion Set this month, with exceptional input by my bandmates John John - Le Wizard, Luna the Lady, and Jennifer King (on labels). This set came out fantastic, I really hope you all enjoy it! :) Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!


P.S. PE's are all ready too, just finishing the last of labels and will post those tomorrow night in their own thread.



Love Potion: Pumpkin

Brewed on the Equinox!



Black Fyre








Desperation & Djinn

(Where's Tyvey?)



Flying Potion 2016 - Spray

Enhanced with Levitation Potion, but I made a dozen bottles Virgin too.



Gargoyle Gargle



Goblin Tamer

Enhanced with a variant of Mother's Little Helper with a touch extra of Est & DHEAS

6 Virgin bottles available




Enhanced with Teddy BB - Unisex




Enhanced with TMI and a smidge of Cops - Unisex



Just Desserts

Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? Nyehheheh...



Liquid Shadow




Universal Antidote

Inspired by an idea from forum member Midnight Requiem!



Zombie Repellant

Enhanced with Lace & Hedione


And try to make it if you can to our First Friday New Release Party!

I have some AMAZING treats planned, it's gonna be the party of the year!





We summon thee to Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie for our First Friday Halloween Party! Come experience our limited edition fragrances for Autumn! Fantastically phantasmic concoctions and devilishly delicious treats await you, and our Cauldron Punch of the Month must not be missed!. And we're not kidding here, there will be ghosts. Come see! Wear a costume and get 10% off all your purchases this eve!
Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie
703 Main St
5-9 pm

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OMG, is it that time already?! :w00t: These look amazing! Gorgeous labels - you *always* have the coolest Hallowe'en labels! - and interesting pheros this month, too. SWEET! Can't wait!!! :D


PS, my dad has a cement cast of the gargoyle on Gargoyle hanging in the front foyer! :lol:

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Me too! He has them all over the place - tucked into bookcases and such - and he's got a big black cast iron one, a lamp, with a white globe under its chin. He's always wanted to hang it on the front of the house, to freak out the neighbors, but he hasn't done it yet. :lol:

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They do look great! There's a house locally with gargoyles on the gate posts.


I've often thought about asking him if I can have it to hang on our house. Our front light has been broken since we moved in, and I would love to freak out the neighbors. :lol:


I'm really looking forward to this set. I can't wait to read the descriptions! I've never been a Hallowe-en-y type of person, but I think these sets are my favorites of the whole year. :)

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OMG!! I wait for this moment EVERY year!! I can't wait to see the descriptions of each of these beauties. I so want to go to the Halloween Bash!!!

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Oh, no! 13 new ones?? Already? :shocked: I am almost through the Carnival sampler set which you would think couldn't be beat. And I have FBs on my list from the Carnival! But Halloween is my absolute favorite! My husband just :rolleyes: . I am so getting the LP Pumpkin one. :w00t:

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Mara and gang...these look fabulous!!!! Can't wait to try them!! I have been on a pumpkin kick for several months now, so I have been very excited for the October NRs!! :D


LP Pumpkin and, of course, the newest Flying Potion has captured special attention!!

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Goblin Tamer "made the old fashioned way" :lol: A "variant" of MLH? I'm so curious here.


Yes to anything with LACE & Hedione !!!!!

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A few comments about this collection....


I was in the mood for very rich scents this month, intense and bold - you'll see what I mean when you get the sampler!. I even prepared Flying Potion more concentrated than previously, and it's awesome.


There are a few that lovers of older scents might want to seek out:

If you like Allumette, try Indiscretion

If you like Blue Smoke, try Bloodroot

If you like Ensence de Cafe, try Liquid Shadow

Variants on a theme, but not the same by any means.


You'll notice that Luna prepared something special for us this month! It's one continuous tale, and if you read the NRs in alphabetical order (except LP Pumpkin is first) then you will read it in the right order. They appear in order on the front page, but we also told you where to find the next chapter at the bottom of each installment.


Have fun!

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These look amazing!!

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Hee! It was a lot of fun - Mara had the concept, based on a typical day at the LPMP store, of course! I hope it gives everyone a chuckle.

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I haven't read the story yet, but the scents sound amazing! I'll save the story for when I get home from work, and I can sit back and enjoy it. :)


After reading the notes, I think Howl might be an Eggers scent. And LP Pumpkin! Woo! :D

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