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First Friday Party - Halloween Edition!

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I caught a snatch of video of a visiting ghost last night in the shop!!! Come over to our Facebook page to have a look!

More pix later, but I do hope you can come on down and see for yourself! xoxoxoxo

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Lots of fun people, excellent atmosphere, delicious snacks, liquid refreshments with and without 'magic' and of course the cherished staff. I love coming to these events !!! Huggggs. Oh, and hubby loves our Private Edition and I smothered him in it for some private sniffing time. :purr:

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There was nothing healthy to eat at this party. Hot Dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and I filled a giant cauldron with every Little Debbie's cake they make, and I had to refill it all too!



BLOODY EYEBALL PUNCH! We couldn't keep the eyeballs on top! They kept sinking to the bottom, lol, I thought they would float.



Cauldron Punch of the Month was Cranberry, raspberry, apple, grenadine and a splash of sweet & sour bar mix - with the added "magic" of dark rum, light rum and vodka.



Jessica adding extra magic to the potion. :lol:





Izzy saying if you post my picture you will hear from my lawyer! lol.

(El Diablo's cape courtesy of Quiet Guy!)



A smoking cauldron!






Mae giving out the party favors...a perfume sample from the new releases, a trial of my pumpkin seed massage butter, one of our witchy postcards and some incense.



John John at the helm. It was really packed! We kept the lights low to show off the efects. Like my floating hats??



John John being wizardy. lololol






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Our Palm Reader Rebekah, in the best witch get up ever!





Laura is our amazing Tarot Reader - she's got 3 books out on the subject! She dressed as the Queen of Diamonds tonight.





Alexis - too friggin' adorable.



Barbara - she does Angelic channeling and spirit paintings!



Jennifer and Jesse, who did the perfume labels this month, with Rebekah.



Mae with one of our adorable forumites - I will let her identify herself if she wishes...



Look! Brigid is wearing a witch hat!



Two of our beloved customers...they were knocking on the door weeks before the store even opened!


Pictures of the action - it got so packed at times I couldn't even move around.







This is after the party - wanted to get a shot of the all the little lights inside the lanterns, the digital camera doesn't show how dark it really was in there. We kept the lights quite dim all evening.



John shot a short video that we posted on facebook. It's loaded there and can't be shared offsite so come look here:



We had a BLAST!!! Every day should be Halloween. :D

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That paerty looked AMAZING. One day I will get to visit the store!

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Fun, fun, fun! Halloween is a blast. I know it's not Halloween, but maybe for November you could do a Dia de los Muertos themed monthly party? Like, do an ofrenda for Bowie, Prince, Gene Wilder, & other beloved celebs we've lost in 2016. Idk, might be more fun doing something Thanksgiving-themed, lol.

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Beccah, I think we are going to do a Psychic Fair for November. Mini readings of tarot, palm, oracle, runes and crystals at each different station. We have 6 readers, I just have to figure out how to stuff everyone in!

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aww, love October and autumn, that looked fun, going to grab few things of magick, mmm :smiley-char145:


"liquid shadow"

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I suppose this question would make sense in the "stalk talk" thread too, but, I have a road trip possibly happening his fall, would the first Friday party be happening in October, and would that mean Oct 5th and that all the Weenies will be just hanging around waiting to be sniffed?

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