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Stephanie's Hazelnuts About Chocolate


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Light and dark chocolates blended with milky hazelnut and a bit of darkest amber, to bring out the bittersweetness.


(Didn't see a thread for this, hope I'm not duplicating!)


Someone nearby practically swooned and said, "you smell like chocolate!" This is a wonderfully true Nutella scent with excellent throw, and it fills the air with drool-worthy chocolatey goodness. Only when I press my nose to my wrists do I catch the (very slightly) "bitter" amber. That note helps make it a little less like you just smeared Nutella all over yourself, hahaha.


Wafts like food, huffs like a perfume. :)

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Wait. I never reviewed this one and I was its creator?!


Aging has made this even more delicious, if that's even possible. It doesn't just smell like Nutella but the gooey filling of some sort of gourmet Nutella tart you'd spend half the day making from a recipe off Pinterest. It's all chocolate in the beginning, and then the wonderful aroma of toasted hazelnuts slowly starts to mingle with that as it dries down. Nutella is too sweet for me in real life but this is how it ought to be--deep and chocolatey, sweet but not saccharine.


My friend who I dreamed this up for wanted to eat it.

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LOL, I kept waiting for you to review it first!


I agree that this has aged beautifully, it's a luscious dark chocolate scent where the hazelnut sort of drifts on top as an accent. When I first got it there was more of a direct Nutella suggestion to my nose, whereas now it smells a lot more darkly decadent, if that makes sense.

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