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Cauldrons and Ritual Incense Burners

Potion Master

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Cast Iron Cauldrons, with and without lids....

Some have decorations and some are plain.










These are Brass




This type is good for burning smudge sticks...they call it a Celtic Cauldron...




This is the indian type of burners that are used in Catholic churches, you can hang them or swing them around, lol.




This type is made specifically for the charcoal disks....







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Oh Mara, thank you for posting these! O thought I wanted a cast iron one but the brass one with the flower is just beautiful! I really want this but I need to wait a little bit. Hopefully it will still be in the shop and then I'll know it was meant to be. ???

(I may just send an invoice request this weekend!)

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On 8/5/2019 at 6:54 AM, Ivy715 said:


I can't seem to open the pictures from your store. Can someone help me out with that?



Sorry about that Ivy, when the sites and message boards changed over we lost all of our old links to pictures. Tell me what you are looking for and I can post new pix of what we currently have. Thanks!

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10 hours ago, halo0073 said:

@Eastwood22 wouldn’t these be amazing for your daughter’s magical recipes from that show she loves?

Those are gorgeous! But I found some on etsy that have same symbols on them from Just Add Magic. 

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