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Chakra: Throat


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Chakra: Throat

The Throat Chakra assists us in finding the way in which to communicate our truth and our manifestations of a better world. Let your voice be heard in all things, self-expression is sacred to your sense of power and realization. This Chakra oil vibrates with bright Blue expression, protecting the throat area, keeping the voice clear and resonant.

Blue chamomile and eucalyptus.

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I wouldn't normally be into this type of scent, although I can fully acknowledge its' useful properties, but this one appealed to me directly on both levels - I immediately applied it to my Chakra and dabbed it to sniff.as well. It is calm and soothing like a few others of the collection, but I really do feel its' effectiveness in terms of alignment. It's difficult for me to explain but...my throat felt more normal, which it hasn't in a while - which I mostly attribute to age - but it was very helpful in my latest writing project. I didn't have to struggle as much as I normally would to reach what I wanted to express.


Scent-wise it's a clean green kind of fragrance, I think. Fresh and serene - definitely unisex. The eucalyptus isn't too forward at all. Anyone who enjoyed the Essential Vitality FHW would like this one.

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I will admit that this scent made me nervous. I couldn't wrap my mind around a perfume with eucalyptus in it. When smelling this in the vial, the eucalyptus is strong, so I shied away from this. I have worked with eucalyptus a lot while doing floral arrangements so I'm pretty sure that is playing into my fear of being overpowered by it's scent. I like it but it can be overwhelming.


Anyway, to my actual review. I had an interview today and I almost put on Chakra Third Eye but I saw Throat sitting there and really calling to me. I opened it, got the huge eucalyptus scent but just went with it anyway.


This is nothing like it is in the vial. Nothing! It calmed down into my skin almost immediately. It's so fresh and so light. I get the eucalyptus but the chamomile really comes through to temper down that medicinal part of the eucalyptus.


And Luna, YES to everything you said about how you felt with this. I almost immediately felt more aligned. I feel I'm more in my truth and more confident in my voice.


God damn it why didn't I try this one earlier?! I swear I should really know better by now. FYI my interview went extremely well. It was with a recruiter and she's sending my information onto the hiring manager. It was a very relaxing and calm interview and I was able to answer everything clearly and with confidence. If I get the second interview with the hiring manager, I'm wearing this!

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