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Discriminating Pheromone Blends For Best Usage


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Is anyone knowledgeable in the differences of each pheromone blend offered at LPMP? I've read the descriptions for each product but a lot seem to blend together by their descriptions. I'm hoping to better discriminate between them all to better gauge my use of each, depending on my particular desire at the time. Eg. When to wear, depending on the set, setting and circumstance of my environment, with the help of others experiences.


So far, I've only experienced Super Sexy 4 Men (SS4M) in a spray bottle mixed with LP: Homme fragrance and Xavier fragrance in an oil roll-on bottle. I like to mix them both with a small strip of the oil (Xavier fragrance) on each forearm, rubbed together and rubbed on to sides of neck/chest, with 1.5 sprays of Homme onto upper chest/middle neck and rubbed into forearms, neck.


I do own Heart Throb (HT) in Pashazade fragrance (sample), and Perfect Match (PM) in Mark Grills Nip fragrance (oil roll-on), Teddy BB unscented 1x strength (spray), and Wanted Man in Voracious fragrance (spray) but have yet to test.


My experience with SS4M is only positive. It's an easily steered phero and I mostly notice an admiration in my dates eyes projected @ me, with lots of comfort. SS4M always gives me a confident and smooth persona and seems to always make my dates giddy (or happier than normal and some have even verbally admitted to me), and by effect they seem to show cues for me to take further progress towards intimacy.


Never has a date taken a dominant role with me, while wearing this. It seems to project a masculine respect in this regards, though, it's never an intimidating maculinity, to the point of causing a date to invert herself or avoid showing subtle body language interests towards me. It clearly gives a vibe of the wearer to play the masculine role, effecting your female counterpart to embrace her feminine role, and much willingly and expectedly she does. This is where congruency between yourself and the pheromone is important because it's up to you to be confident enough to embrace this role and observant enough to notice her subtle subconscious body languages to determine to back off or move forward, but if you can do this, SS4M gives an easy ride towards getting to know someone on both a superficial and intimate level, unblocking mental walls and opening her up from the start (because of the comforting and happy feelings I've observed it to project).


Besides the comfort, it definitely projects you as attractive (even if you're not lol). Kinda like seeing a picture of someone and thinking they're ugly until meeting them in person because there's "just something about them" that tweaks your perception just enough to see someone in a new light. That's what SS4M does, I believe. It gives lots of glances and easy flowing conversation with complete strangers (if you choose to do so), and gives you lots of possibilities to wear this in multiple types of environments because of its versitile vibe (depending on how you steer it).


Btw, I'm naturally introverted and enjoy analyzing and observing people rather than indulging in conversation unless im passionate about the topic, yet I'm still able to pull this pheromone off. It actually causes me to enjoy extroversion and slightly pushes me to be, too. If you can jump on this phero boat and ride with it, SS4M will gently lead you in the right direction. Just trust it.


This pheromone would not be congruent with someone who is "shut off" from the outside world, and I say that respectfully, as I overly enjoy my internal and subjective universe too.


Anyways, can anyone help out with comparing the above pheromones to SS4M. Eg. How they're alike, different, etc. Feel free to add any other pheromone in your response but these are just the ones I own and have the convenience of using for the time being.

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Out of the ones you have mentioned, SS4M is my fave for my man to wear.....it just works, every time.....even when I am not aware (before hand) that he has applied. It's good stuff.

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I don't have a lot of experience with the men's phero blends, except to say that when my BF wears Teddy BB it makes me feel all warm & snuggly, and when he wears SS4M I can't seem to keep my hands to myself.


He uses other pheros - Open Windows, Charisma, Topper & straight DHEAS - as well. I think he tends to use Charisma for the self-effects he gets from it. He's pretty charismatic to begin with, so I'm not sure I would notice anything different about him while he's wearing it. Perhaps other people do? OW, Topper and DHEAS he often wears out in public, when he plays shows, (he's a musician), or when he's going to be around his buddies, or in family situations, to keep everyone's spirits high. He's pretty keen on straight DHEAS for either playing or going to shows, since it seems to put everyone he comes into contact with in a really awesome "WHOO!!!" party-kind of mood.


I tend to respond well when he wears Perfect Match, too. It puts us both in a very "we/us" kind of headspace a lot of the time. I'd say that within an existing relationship it tends to promote a romantic vibe between partners.


I'm really not sure of any of the other male pheros.

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OK, I wanted to update after I thought about it for awhile. My man also has some of the original Sorcerer with Wanted Man. Wanted Man is more "in your face" alpha than SS4M. It can cause "pissing contests" in some men, so be aware who is around when you use it.


When he would wear that one, if I wore Dom for women, it could get intense.

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Thanks for the feedback. What are the most appropriate settings to use Wanted Man? I'm assuming it's less inviting than SS4M?


Well, my man just used it when I was with him. I just noticed that a lot more men seemed to almost "challenge" him....mostly the younger guys. I would probably say that I wouldn't wear around a group of younger men, those who emit a lot of testosterone already.

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I wear pheromones all the time and have worn these quite a bit. I will give you my take on these but everyone is a little different. I am a outgoing and not shy although I will often stand back and survey a new situation to get a feel for what is going on around me. I am also very married for a long time so you have to put my pheromone use into that realm. These products are really for home use although I will wear them out on my own just to see reactions.


I feel like you have a good grasp of SS4M. Very social sexy. Well buffered sexy. No real downside to it.


Wanted Man is a much more aggressive sexual mix. Not very buffered at all. This type of sexual mix can generate some aggression from more outgoing/aggressive guys if the dose is high enough. But it can get good strong reactions from women looking for a man or from women who might be close to ovulation. Some might contest that last part of my statement. I have done pretty well with without attracting any negative male reactions but I am big, ugly and a little scary looking so ...


I have also done very well with Throb with the wife. This is a very sexual mix with copulins thrown in. The copulins make it seem as if you have just been with a woman. Now when women pick up on that scent, it will be mostly subconsciously but women are better at scents than most men so some might even consciously realize what they are smelling. They are either going to rise up to the challenge - as in a want a taste of what some other woman obviously thinks is a good thing (or maybe I want to claim her good thing) or they will say "Man Whore, no thanks". Now if you had a wife or girlfriend it could potentially backfire if they get the impression "somehow" that you are out cheating on them. Fortunately Mrs. QG's reaction seems to be "reasserting her dominance" over her man. She has never asked me if I am cheating on her but she seems to think women are throwing themselves at me all the time.


Teddy BB I use when Mrs. QG is in a bad mood either from work or ... hormonally shall we say. tI works maybe half the time. The other times, well, I think most people here know Mrs. QG is a redhead and sometimes there is just no calming that. Some storms just need to blow themselves out and you just have to be the rock the waves wear themselves out on.


Perfect Match - I really don't play with that one as much as I should but it does give the definite cuddle vibe. I might only use that if you are already in a romantic relationship because I fear if you wore that as just friendly or too early, you might risk becoming the "friend to lean on" as opposed to the "boyfriend to snuggle". Now that will probably vary woman to woman based on many factors and I could see some of the ladies saying just the opposite: that some guys would be boyfriends if they had worn this and been more soothing/cuddly kind of thing.


But the great things about this forum is that you can get very honest input (as you have above) from women who are (happily) on the receiving end of these very products.

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I never thought about that, for Perfect Match. Thanks for the insight. I'm not currently in a relationship so I'll steer clear of using this for a while just to be safe haha.


Just to confuse you, when I was dating I found PM to work quite well for getting the "boyfriend snuggle" vibe. I'd love it if some of the women on the forum would comment on their experiences with this (even though there is a review thread for PM linked below.) I think you'll find it interesting even though I'm all over that particular topic, other people chime in as well. It goes to show you that everyone's chemistry is different so everyone will have different experiences with the pheros. The only sure fire way to know if something will work for you is to try it yourself.



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