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Introduction & a question!


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Hello everyone,


I'll be going by _honeyrose here for anonymity. :)


I made my first purchase last year. However, after browsing forums it was a general consensus that pheromones were not to be used while nursing, as I was at the time - so I was not able to use my perfume.


I'm addicted now! Definitely would love to share my experiences here with everyone.


I do have a question (& a backstory). Yesterday, I went on a double date with my husband. My brother in law brought a new lady friend of his. Apparently she had been wishy washy with him but agreed to come. She was so sweet. I was wearing Sensual Harmony in hopes that it would help all of our moods & perhaps help my brother in law out. It must have helped give that extra push in mood because she gave him a kiss at the end of the night!! I'm already thinking about having a new sister-in-law, because I really liked her so much! She was so nice and polite. I'm being ridiculous, I know. ? Could Sensual Harmony w/ La Femme Mystere be causing this profound self effect?? Or is it just me being over enthusiastic? I feel so silly, and can't stop smiling thinking about them together ? If it means anything, it's still on me since I just woke up.


Thanks for reading, looking forward to interacting with you all!

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Welcome! Glad you are enjoying the wonderful potions here!


While pheros are created with a purpose in mind, the effect is not always what it is intended to be. Every wearer and every target is different. Some people get self-effects, and some are non-responders.


So, just continue to test your blends and see how things go! Here's a tip....try them with some people you are well-acquainted with, so you can more easily gauge reactions that are out of the norm.

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