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Connect w/ Teddy BB

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MOSSES ~ Luck enhancing, financial success, protection, charity. Parental love.
CEDAR ~ Confidence inducing, balancing, grounding, energizing, money, healing, protection, purification.
TONKA ~ Love, money, courage, wishes granted; wards off illness.
BALSAM ~ Fertility, purification, strength, rejuvenation, calming and soothing, healing, protection, money, long life.
VETIVER ~ Enhances perception of beauty. Love, sensuality, money, luck, hex-breaking.
CARDAMOM ~ Lust, love.

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So this reads straight up masculine rather than unisex, which is not a criticism! It's a gorgeous burst of balsam and cedar, grounded by the vetiver/tonka base. I think the cardamom adds a little zing to keep it from being too smooth. This is very congruent with the phero.... the scent evokes a really clean trim strong male chest clothed in a crisp white shirt, just begging to be leaned upon for comfort. Wonderful!

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There's something a bit too cologne-y in this for my liking (because I was hoping for another Teddy BB guys' scent for my arsenal), but that's just me. I think maybe it's the balsam; beneath that, though, I get the smoothness of the other ingredients, with that bit of spiciness. I think the balsam is just amping on me, but on a guy it would be nicely congruent, a clean veneer, as it were. It's a very classic kind of male blending, IMO, so a good choice for a phero to inspire cuddling.

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Connect on me begins as a green, woodsy scent. Quite masculine. But after drydown it seems to develop a warmth that is very comforting and would be so sexy on a guy. In this phase I don't find it too manly to wear, I went out and about wearing the fragrance today without feeling that the perfume was too masculine. I'll continue using the sample for sure!

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