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Imperium w/ Super Sexy for Men

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HONEY ~ Enticing, seductive; use to bewitch a straying or hesitant lover. Happiness, fulfillment.
AMYRIS EO ~ Love, exotic, sensual atmospheric; aphrodisiac. Healing, spirituality, exorcism.
AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.
MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.
PIMENTO LEAF EO ~ Money attracting, deflects negative and hostile energies

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I was really interested in this one because I've been bugging Mara to make a honey-based fragrance for men for years, lol. But of course you can't use the same kind of honey you would for a feminine scent. And I'm not really certain how to characterize this honey, I suppose I'd say it has that familiar weight but it's not sweet, the woody and spicy notes blend with it to give it an interesting piquant character, while the amber and musk give it a sort of clean vibe underneath. In the long drydown I'd say the main characteristic is the blending of the other elements, but this is all Man, for sure. I would say to the guys - at least get a sample just to see how you like it because I think it's a good carrier for SS4M, it's not a typical kind of masculine scent but it is definitely manly.

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Luna hit the nail on the head with her description - in a perfumerie of unique scents, this is a really unique scent. A masculine scent for sure, but a unique good solid masculine scent. Like Luna, I am not sure now to describe it. We have a store near here that specializes in honey and mead and so I can tell you that there are a lot of different honey flavors. And here we have a masculine spicy honey providing the basis for this scent.


As said above, get a sample and try it for yourself. I will be getting a full bottle of this one also.

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*note to self*


This smells really nice.  Really nice.  And my bride approves!

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