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Time to steal back my crown

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I feel sooooooo Jr High school. ugh


I need to go through all of my samples to see what I have later tonight, of course.


In a few days, I could boycott, but feel I must attend a semi outdoor social event where I need to - again, so Jr High School, reestablish my reign before I go back into reclusion. Some of those in attendance responded very well back in the day to PP when it was pre-mixed with Clementine and oh how I miss that one. I am very much aware that it was me being happy to be with that crowd with an added edge of PP and smelling edible. I even had PP in UN but have never found the right amount because it turns me into nothing but a nasty B. NOT the right effect!


My FRIEnemesis, I am positive, will be wearing TH in oil or even AA in spray. (Also mostly sure she has never ventured into other blends nor on this forum)


I will not be resorting to cleavage, mini skirts or set appeal in my attire ... just a warm friendly smile while going for class ... but what phero to wear? I haven't a clue. I'm hesitant to reach for PP unless I make my own spray and reapply if needed a bit at a time.


See, I've been benched, put in a corner, and I'm happy to walk away from it all after one sparkling evening.


But what do I wear? ugh.



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Make sure to post tonight when you see what you have!


I've had that same thing with other pheros, where the one that is phero-enhanced works better for me than the UN!


Some suggestions:

LFM might give you that "Queenly" vibe

Cougar often works to make me the star of the show

LAM is a sexy mood-lifter

If you can handle Leather, it always makes me feel like a Bad Ass ;)

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I will most def post later when I go through my hoard haha


If I didn't feel used to get into the A-Crowd, then shoved aside and exiled (this person shoved others aside to get where she thinks she is) ... like Jr High kids do, I'd let it go and I will ... after an upcoming event. So ... I'm doing this on behalf of the others that were slighted. I'm a giver like that.

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I opted ... to not go tonight to the charity event. I sent my donation but my time and energy is too valuable.


On another note ... I wore dominance the other day around same group for a not so happy function, and was shunned until the end. Maybe those extra two sprays as I walked out the door was a bad idea hahaha Interestingly, the men-folk responded well to it. I guess a strong female presence was appreciated by a few.


They are all used to TH, and sometimes Audacious, Lumina ... mostly TH but I have found, TH worn around someone else wearing TH, clashes.


I'm going to enjoy my night with a glass of wine, grilled cheese and my cats (plus the important humans like my family)

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Oh ... but thank you soooo much for your suggestions on what works for you. I was shocked to see I do not even samples of the last three you mentioned (must do some shopping). You also inspired my new profile pic LOL


I've been meaning to change it for some time ...

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Sometimes it's better to just skip the drama!! Good call...


Haha, I've noticed that some men really respond well to Dominance. My guy especially, and a couple others that I work with. Women, not so much.


Enjoy your wine! It sounds like my kind of evening ;)

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