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Three Cheers for LPMP and Question about UNs

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Today I received my first UN scent, Ails OPEN WINDOWS and although I have received unscented versions of other pheromone formulations (other companies). This is the FIRST time when the scent was truly UNSCENTED (very lite powdery scent) so I can wear my favorite perfumes over this as a cover and for throw easily.


THREE CHEERS FOR LPMP!!! :bday1029::Love09751:


This to me speaks of top quality and supreme craftsmanship. The next question I have is what the UN versions of Lace and LFM smell like? I like my Cougar scented (which smells absolutely delightful) and the Popularity Potion with Rose Dust is just so elegant. Do these other two (LACE and LFM), since they don't have cops, have a scent?


Thanks! :darkqueen135:

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Thank you! I am happy you are happy! :D


Well, to my nose they all have some odor, but I personally find it a pleasant odor. They smell to me like very light flowery musk, and the ones with cops smell the same but with vinegar on top.


They say there are three kinds of human nose configurations, and people will either not smell them at all, or smell them as pleasant, or unpleasant. You probably have the same kind of nose configuration that I do. :lol: Lace and LFM are two that I wear often and I do not find them objectionable in the least.

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You are so very welcome!! I am thankful to have found LPMP...


Ok, so I probably will order the UN Lace first as I wear this more than LFM...LACE is sooo subtly powerful by the way. I am always amazed and find out something new when wearing LACE around men...she's a powerful minx!! ;-)

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